Sex, back stabbing, cheating spouses and vengeful exes are all good ingredients for a well put together soap opera. But while “Gossip Girl” has all these, it lacks originality.

As a first time watcher and someone who never read the series, I found it extremely difficult to keep up with all the drama and relationships – it seemed like just another genetic soap geared toward teenagers.

The narrator of the show, the secret blogger “Gossip Girl” (Kristen Bell), reminded me of a less comedic version of Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City.” While “Gossip Girl” is set in the same fabulous Manhattan, you won’t find any of these teens sitting around a table in a new night club, sipping martinis and talking about their one night stands. Instead, these upper-class characters fly to The Hamptons to get over heartbreak.

Serena (Blake Lively), who I assume is the main character of the show, pretends to date Nate (Chace Crawford) to cover up the fact that he is dating a married woman. There are a few laughs to be had at him and his trying not to get caught by his lover’s husband, but the plot seems a little worn out.

Blair (Leighton Meester), who was left last season by snobby boyfriend Chuck (Ed Westwick), returns from what was supposed to be their vacation with a hot, new guy (Patrick Heusinger).

While next week’s episode looks more interesting, jealously is still around every corner in this melodramatic soap – if that’s your cup of tea.

“Gossip Girl” airs on the CW Mondays at 8 p.m.