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Don’t Just Get a Job, Make an Impression

For FAU alumna Katie Kendall, life after graduation wasn’t what she expected.

After receiving a public communication degree in spring 2008, Kendall spent her days trying to get a job by flooding the Internet with her resume, and her nights working as a server.

But Kendall is hoping her luck will change on Thursday, Sept. 11 by going to FAU’s Career Day.

“This will be a great chance to actually meet employers face-to-face,” Kendall says. “And that’s vital in this dot-com era.”

This year, Career Day will be larger than previous years, with 150 organizations, compared to last spring when there were only 120. Microsoft, FPL, Holy Cross Hospital, Scripps and Office Depot are among some of the companies scheduled to attend this year.

“I think this is one of the largest recruiting events that has been on the Boca Raton campus,” Director of Career Development Center Sandra Jakubow says. “I think it’s essential for all students, but it’s a must for our juniors and seniors and graduates to attend.”

Jakubow added that it is also important for freshmen and sophomores to attend so they can develop skills for job searching.

But before attending, students are advised to check out Career Day 101, a workshop that gives students tips on how to get the most out of Career Day at FAU.

“The students who attend Career Day 101 are very well prepared,” Jakubow says. “They know how to network, they have a game plan, they know what questions to ask, and they know how to maximize their time at Career Day.”

Career Day 101 offers students tips on interviewing, resume writing and dressing for success. If you missed it (Tuesday, Sept. 9), there will be another one in spring.

“Students should also follow up with employers who they meet with a letter or an e-mail, and an attached resume,” Coordinator for Employer Relations James Watson says. “If students present themselves well and have the right skills, they can certainly get a job throughCareer Day.”

Students are also required to dress professionally in order to attend (no jeans, flip-flops or mini-skirts), and should remember to bring along plenty of resumes, according to Watson.

“Every semester students get jobs through Career Day,” Associate Director of the Career Center Dawn Howard says. “It really does work.”

Dress for SuccessIf you show up to Career Day dressed in jeans and flip-flops, you won’t just get laughed at – you won’t be allowed in.

“We are teaching students how to make a professional impression,” Director of Career Development Center Sandra Jakubow says. “It’s not just your resume, but it’s a first impression, so it’s essential that students come dressed professionally.”

Jakubow also says that the recruiters and future employers give better feedback when the students are dressed professionally so to clear up any confusion about what to wear, or what not to wear, check out some tips from the Career Development Center.

For the ladiesAlthough a pantsuit is acceptable, it’s considered less formal than a traditional skirt suit.

Skirt length should be to the knee (no miniskirts).

Do not wear a camisole or see-through blouse.

Shoe color should be darker than your suit, and heels should be 1-2 inches; higher heels should be saved for after-hours.

Shoes should be pumps or sling-backs – do not wear shoes with open toes, open heels or ankle straps.

For the gentlemenChoose suits neutral in color – charcoal, navy or gray.

The suit jacket should be buttoned while standing and unbuttoned to sit. Do not button the bottom button of a three or two-piece suit.

Ties should be of good quality and made of 100 percent silk.

Always wear a tie that is darker than your shirt.

The shirt’s sleeves should extend beyond the suit jacket sleeves by one-half inch.

If you go…What: Career Day is a day when over 150 companies gather at a college campus hoping to find future employees.

When: Thursday, Sept. 11 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: Boca campus FAU Arena.

More info: Get more tips and view a list of attending employers at www.fau.edu/cdc.

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