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Beat the System

It’s easier to get a daily ticket for parking on the grass than to circle around the entire campus for a parking spot.

But there are ways to beat the system. There are ways to avoid that 50-car line in the parking lot every morning.

I know it’s hard not to yell, curse, and even cry a little every time you’re going too fast in the parking garage and miss the perfect spot to park in, only to see one of the cars in the line behind you unapologetically take it.

Here are the top 5 go ’round rules of parking at FAU that I have found to be the most efficient.

If they’re inside, waitDon’t hold your breath – this method doesn’t always work out. Architecture major, sophomore Karyn Thomson, says that the last time she did that, it wasn’t very successful.

“I waited for five minutes and the people behind me were already honking and getting impatient,” says Thomson. “I had no choice but to leave. I would say to only wait for two minutes; if it goes pass the two-minute mark then leave and don’t waste your time.”

Don’t bring a carSave yourself the trouble of finding a parking spot and even a little gas, and take advantage of the public transportation system. A lot more students are starting to take the Tri-Rail and even the bus.

“Taking the train to come to school is much easier than people think,” says Rachel Dennison, a business major sophomore and a regular user of the Tri-Rail system. “It saves on gas, it saves me time from traffic and parking, and ultimately, it saves me money.”

Never go past 20 mphIt sounds a little absurd, but going slower than grandma can sometimes pay off. It gives you time to carefully look from side to side, and catch that one empty spot. You just have to be patient.

Go to another lotSophomore Karina Da Luz, an engineering major, says that she’d rather park far away than get dizzy going around the parking lots trying to catch an empty spot.

“I always end up parking by the gym or by the arts and letters building,” says Da Luz. “It sucks because I have to walk more, but at least I don’t waste so much gas following a random stranger to their car.”

Pick up a strangerIt may sound dangerous, but sometimes giving a ride to a student you see walking in the parking lot when you’re late for chemistry isn’t such a bad idea.

The trick behind this technique is to find someone walking to their car in the parking lot (someone who doesn’t look like they might murder you) and pray that the idea of the long walk to their car in Florida’s humid weather will be excuse enough for them to accept a ride from a stranger.

“I’m guilty of having done this before,” says Nadia Ismael, a public communications sophomore. “I’ll see someone walking to their car and if I’m in a rush, I’ll offer them a ride to their car and have them give me their spot-it works every time.”

Just make sure the person doesn’t look like a psychopath hailing from the Manson family and you’ll be fine.

For more info on parking, visit the

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