Somehow, ABC got the permission to pull off a reality/documentary hybrid series that follows the lives of patients and doctors inside the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital. However they did it, we’re thankful, because “Hopkins” is one of the most raw and dramatic reality series out there.

One of the doctors is a female urologist who gets to look at penises all day, and her name is – no lie – Dr. Boyle. In the first episode, she finds a way to reverse a vasectomy for a couple who desperately want children – so sweet.

The other doctor came to America as an illegal immigrant 20 years ago, got an education and is now living the American dream – try not to gag.

Beyond the story book appeal, the show has some intense scenes, so try not to watch when you’re eating – I only wish someone would have told me that. In the first episode, a woman has to have a tube put into her lung, and they show everything.

“Hopkins” airs on ABC Thursday nights at 10 p.m.