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Achieve: On the Tube


This week on Rock of Love 2, the girls found themselves in another competition – this time involving cowboy boots, horses, lassoes and greased-up pigs in the Rocking Rodeo contest.

The girls were split into two teams and took turns ridin’ and roundin’ up some steers. They had to wrestle with lubricated pigs and face off in a barrel race to win another date with Bret.

Jessica was the team leader and won a private date with Bret. He took her to a paintball park where they teamed up against Big John, Bret’s bodyguard, and splattered paint on each other. The date ended with a sunset dinner on a romantic mountainside.

As for the other winning team members, Bret took the girls to a pitch-black restaurant called Opaque. Ambre, Destiny and Kristy Joe dined in the dark with their man for a more sensuous meal.

Here, Kristy Joe decided to secretly grope and manhandle Bret, since the other two girls couldn’t see across the table. Kind of a skanky move, really, but while Destiny and Kristy Joe go for a bathroom break, Ambre sidles over and asks Bret for a kiss in a much classier move.

After the dates, Bret takes Kristy Joe to his room and she doesn’t reappear until around 4:30 a.m. (I’m sure they were just talking.)

Meanwhile, Catherine is depressed about not winning any competitions or getting any dates with Bret, so she serves him breakfast in bed. Bret’s startled, but still grateful for her hospitality and effort.

In the end, Bret sent Catherine and Peyton packing.

Rock of Love 2 airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on VH1

BEST REALITY SHOW TO GET YOUR FIX OF DRAMA Rock of Love 2 By: Amanda Leth Staff Writer

You would think that watching a lot of really hot phony girls pretending to fall in love with an 80s rock star would get boring – but it’s still good old fashioned drama. If drama was unintentionally funny, that is.

This week, Bret didn’t even bother eliminating any of the girls – he just couldn’t let any of them go. Boring.

This week’s episode had sex, fights and a mud football game. Wait a second: this is starting to sound a lot like Rock of Love season one – just not as good. If you do find yourself bitten with the nostalgia bug, the former Rock of Love girls are popping up everywhere on the VH1.com video extras. Also, Rodeo is scheduled to be on the next episode, Heather is coming back, and Lacy already appeared.

This season has been so over the top with sex and rock ‘n’ roll that we don’t feel connected to the girls on the show. Hopefully this will change when Bret starts eliminating some of them.

Rock of Love 2 airs on VH1 Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m.

BEST SHOW TO GET YOUR FIX OF SEXY SMART LADIES Cashmere Mafia By: Amanda Leth Staff Writer

Cashmere Mafia has gone from oozing with steamy sex, to light and subtle kissing, to this week’s episode which didn’t have any sex or any kissing at all. Well, there was a scene with a dog making out with a shoe – but somehow that just doesn’t really cut it.

The lack of sexiness aside, Cashmere Mafia is still putting out an entertaining show. This week, Mia (Lucy Liu) finds herself unable to fall in love with a man – so she settled for man’s best friend and fell in love with a dog. She adopted a cute stray dog that licks her shoes and has smelly breath (aww). Even though the dog is borderline disgusting, he’s still cuter than any of the outfits Lucy Liu wears on the show.

The lesbian love affair has stopped, the sexy cheating husband has disappeared, and the show is taking a much tamer approach, but it’s still keeping us interested.

Cashmere Mafia airs on ABC Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m.

BEST TV SHOW TO GET YOUR FIX OF SEXY INCEST Nip/Tuckby Jessica Cotzin Staff Writer

Transsexuals, neo-Nazis, porn stars and now … Matt’s sister?

Yes, Nip/Tuck has sunken to a new low – Dr. Christian Troy’s sexy son Matt has officially done the nasty with his own blood sister. It was the “ewww” heard ’round the world when Matt’s new fling revealed her father to be none other than the womanizing plastic surgeon.

While pushing the envelope can always make things more interesting, incest should stay off-limits in my book . However, apparently the writers and producers of the show believe sex between siblings is just more icing on their sick and twisted cake.

That’s not all. While those two crazy kids are gettin’ it on, yet another death has taken place. This time everyone will be affected when a familiar blonde bites the bullet.

And don’t think we’ve seen the last of Sean’s psycho agent. Horrifically feather-stuffing a man like a teddy bear until he died and then attempting to off herself isn’t enough spotlight for Colleen Rose, it seems. This loon will be back from crazy town for an encore next week on the Nip/Tuck season finale.

Check out Nip/Tuck Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX


There’s nothing like seeing career-driven women fight back – and looking hot while doing so. Cashmere Mafia has traded its lovey-dovey-kissing theme last week for a brutal, free-for-all fist-fighting míÈlée this week.

The ladies are fighting their chauvinistic co-workers, bosses and ex-boyfriends. Juliet Draper (Miranda Otto) has her cheating ex-husband’s car towed, while Zoe Burden (Frances O’Connor) quits her job after her unqualified male co-worker gets promoted instead of her.

And considering our television has been infested with overdramatic dumb blonds as late – take the bimbos on Rock of Love 2, for instance – it’s nice to see professional witty women large and in charge on the small screen.

Cashmere Mafia airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. on ABC

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