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Best Bets

BEST TV SHOWS TO CATCH UP ON I Love New York by Irene Medina Staff Writer

I hate reality TV shows, but when it came to VH1’s I Love New York, I couldn’t stop myself from watching Tiffany Pollard (a.k.a New York) on her quest for love on national TV-for the second time around.

During this week’s season finale, New York and her two finalists – personal lap dog Tailor Made and actor-wannabe Buddha – made it to Jamaica in a last-ditch attempt to win New York’s heart.

But after a much anticipated run-in with Sister Patterson – New York’s mom – and one engagement ring later, the decision was pretty clear who was man enough for New York. You guessed it: Buddha was sent home and Tailor Made finally won New York’s heart.

And as embarrassing as this is – I admit I’ll miss this show. I just hope New York and Tailor Made break up soon so that I can start watching I Love New York 3. Although these two seem pretty happy, they’re both drama queens. Hey, at least they’ve got that in common.

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila by Meagan Perle Staff Writer

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila finally wrapped and, frankly, I was shocked with her decision. The competition finally came down to one boy, Bobby, and one girl (who somewhat looks like a boy), Dani.

The one thing I didn’t like about this show was that there wasn’t enough drama between the contestants. Come on, this is supposed to be a fierce competition. The claws needed to come out – maybe even some fangs.

At the final dinner, Tila invited both Bobby and Dani’s family, which included her hot-hot cousin. The get-together turned out to be both anticlimactic and amusing, though, once Bobby and Dani’s mothers started cat-fighting about whose offspring was better for Tila.

Ultimately, Tila chose Bobby at the final elimination, which broke Dani’s heart. Word on the street’s that Tila won’t be returning for a second season because she claims she’s accomplished what she intended to do: find true love.

And I’m not crying a river because the show lacked excitement; heck, there’s only so many times I can stare at Tila’s fake rack. I’m pretty sure her fifteen minutes are over and the ship has sailed.

BEST MOVIE TO SEE OVER THE WEEKENDForgive me, Father…Love, loss and juvenile jealousy are deftly juggled in Atonementby Phillip Valys Entertainment Editor

Juvenile crushes, calculated lies and love torn asunder by freak circumstance seem the norm in epic British romances, and it’s no different here.

At the heart of Joe Wright’s wartime drama Atonement lays two perspectives: the self-possessed, misguided naiveté of 13-year-old Briony Tallis, and the flinty precision of adult reality.

It’s an idyllic summer noon in 1935, and minor-league aristocrats assemble for a weekend laze in their county estate. Briony (newcomer Saoirse Ronan) witnesses from her bedroom window the stirrings of an erotic encounter between her sister Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and her crush Robbie Turner (James McAvoy). Spurred on by the sexually-charged letter Robbie later sends Cecilia – not to mention she’s just inflamed with jealousy – Briony misinterprets the chap’s lust for aggression.

Hey, it happens.

Some naughty necking in the woods between underage cousin Lola and an unidentified male feed Briony enough ammo to pin the illicit liaison on – who else – Robbie. The young bloke is imprisoned for three years, and then shunted off to World War II. As penance for crumbling Cecilia and Robbie’s union, she treats the incoming wounded as a military nurse.

Wright’s faithful adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel is perhaps one of the best in recent memory. The staccato rhythm of typewriter keys heightens tension (Briony is a playwright), plus a nice salvo of solid acting always helps. Best in show belongs to a five-minute unbroken tracking shot on the war-ravaged beaches of Dunkirk, which displays remarkable poise by the cinematographer.

The callous reality of the battlefield is tangible here, as the glowering Robbie wanders aimlessly amid piles of smoldering rubble, a chorus of mournful English symphony, and the thunder-crashed skies. War is hell, but Wright’s masterful direction is just as unrelenting.


Getting out of spending time with your parents during the holidays is like trying to con your professor into canceling finals – it just doesn’t happen. During the endless days of non-stop time-wasting, eventually someone mentions going to the movies.

No one wants to sit next to mom and dad while watching Vince Vaughn in a steamy sex scene; likewise, no one wants to sit through Alvin and the Chipmunks , either. Enter The Golden Compass : the perfect medium for both you and your parents.

Anyone who likes Harry Potter will like The Golden Compass , because the fantasy theme, intriguing plot and beautiful cinematography are equally as good as the Harry Potter movies.

Unfortunately, the complicated plot gets bogged down with bad storytelling; however, the movie never fails to keep the audience’s attention.

BEST PLACE TO GET YOUR FASHION FIX OVER THE HOLIDAYS Krazy Katz Costumes and Boutiqueby Meagan Perle Staff Writer

Halloween might be over, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for costumes. Every year my friends throw themed parties to ring in the New Year. Themed parties can be super fun, but there’s always the problem of finding that perfect costume that could kill anyone’s happy spirit.

When it’s not Halloween, there’s usually a lack of resources for costume shopping – until now, that is. Krazy Katz Costumes and Boutique is open year-round and is the perfect place to pick up garments for last-minute party plans. Krazy Katz not only sells and rents costumes, but features an array of jewelry, club wear and lingerie.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Krazy Katz is only located ten minutes from the Boca FAU campus. But more than that, Krazy Katz is actually student-friendly with even friendlier prices. So remember, the next time you’ve got a themed party in the works, don’t fret – Krazy Katz is your hookup.

Located off the SW 10th exit on I-95 South. Call 954-570-5289 for more information.

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