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Getting to Know a “Hot Piece of Ass”

Jarrod Gorbel is not just a “Hot Piece of Ass,” he is also the mastermind behind the rock band The Honorary Title. The duo recently released an EP, and has their second album, Scream and Light Up the Sky, due out within the next month or so. The boys from Brooklyn will be playing Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday, July 24.

UP: You released an EP recently; what was the marketing plan behind that?

JG: Our album has been postponed so many times that we wanted to keep our fans satisfied for the time they have had to wait.

UP: On this tour, will there be tons of new stuff?

JG: I don’t remember what happened last night [opening night of the tour], but we did play one song from the new EP – so definitely.

UP: You”ve toured with the Format previously; how has it been touring with them?

JG: They”re great. We both opened for Switchfoot, and their fans liked us. They also had the same tour patterns where they were stuck with some emo-ie bands, kinda good rock music. I’m psyched about this tour.

UP: Why should students come out to the show early to see you guys?

JG: To see a nice piece of ass, they should come. If they want too see a man’s man. I’m stacked in pure muscle, and I lube up my body before we play. I wear bikini underwear and make sure I am slightly aroused before, so it’s more intriguing to the fans. I run around, and I’m so lubed that my ass slides across the fans in the first 10 rows. If we want college kids to come, we need bongs and free beer. Basically [college students need to come] to check out some good music.

UP: What do you want listeners to take away from your album?

JG: Instant orgasm. If not, then I hope they get a wet dream. It will probably just make them depressed. I would like to make a feel good song of the summer. I want people to feel something – anything.

UP: How would you say your album differs form the last?

JG: Different productions, not as sparse as the first one. The topics are more then just some girl who fucked me over. Mostly the new topics are about: three different girls who I fucked over, someone’s bad family life, and songs about random things.

UP: How did you get into writing and playing music?

JG: I was really young. I’ve played guitar forever, I was a metal shredder but I didn’t start writing until I was college.

UP: What was the hardest thing to overcome?

JG: Every step is hard. There is no mathematical equation way to get here. There are many factors, and you have to have talent. Well I take that back – maybe not, nowadays.

UP: What”s been playing the lately on your ipod?

JG: Classics like Bruce Springsteen. I have to admit Bon Jovi gets to me.

UP: What inspires you?

JG: Mostly relationships: I need a girl in my life all the time. I’m really sensitive. A frog could jump in a puddle in front of me and I might go weeping, then write a song about it.

UP: Where can we see you guys in the future?

JG: Our new album and lots of touring and at Tuesdays show. My mom is going to be there.

UP: She moved here from Brooklyn to retire, how stereotypical.

JG: She”s a Long Island Jew; that’s what they do. I’m psyched, we’re going to have to be extra special. It should be exciting. “Frame By Frame” Music Video

For tickets click here and for more information on the band check out their Myspace.

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