Welcome to Orientation

This special issue is designed to showcase the Office of Orientation, taking a behind-the-scenes look at who these leaders are and what they do.

You’ll see them running around helping people, passing out information and gathering new students in groups. They are your tour guides and your counselors. The orientation team will help you take your first step towards becoming an owl.

You can take a tour of the college, but these students live, breathe and sleep FAU. They have more information to offer than any map or brochure. This team is more than tour guides to the campus; they are FAU’s welcoming committee.

Like ducks in a pond, the orientation team is lead by Christine Lynch, the associate director of orientation. Lynch is followed closely by the office staff, Coordinator Ronald Johnson and Office Assistant Desiree Williams and the team’s Student Assistants, Sarah Reiss and Kevin Loughran. Twenty-two devoted undergrads round out the orientation team.

This diverse group represents a variety of majors, ages and cultures. From sophomores to seniors, psychology to pre-med majors and even a few undecided, the orientation team is made up of students just like you.

Giving guidance and assuring your transition into college will be smooth, the orientation leaders are a close-knit group that strives on helping others.

Welcome to FAU, enjoy your time as an Owl.

The University Press, FAU’s student newspaper, is published biweekly during the summer months and weekly during the fall and spring semesters. This publication is a little different than what we normally do – this special issue is designed as a publication for the orientation team. Visit us on the web at upressonline.com to view our daily online coverage.