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Bye Bye Burger King

Like any regular FAU student, art history junior Alyssa Falcon hits the Breezeway cafeteria after a brow-beating day attending classes.

Over the summer, she won’t get that opportunity. In fact, Chartwells- the dining service and food retailer for all seven FAU campuses- aren’t reopening the cafeteria for another four months, according to fliers posted around campus. Students like Falcon are forced to ride out the summer months before wrapping their fingers around an oven-baked Quiznos sub again on August 23.

Instead, students are redirected to Einstein Bros., Starbucks, Outtakes and Coyote Jacks- the latter two being on the other side of campus- to quench their hunger.

“I could see why it would bug some people because of the walking distance from the Breezeway to the University Center,” Falcon says, a cashier for Outtakes.æ

During the 120-day overhaul (lasting from April 26 until August 23), longstanding franchises Burger King and Pizza Hut are handed the pink slip as more upscale counterparts Wendys and Mamma Leone’s Pizzeria step in as replacements. Also among the additions are Chick n’ Grill, Bamboo Asian Cuisine, Salsarita’s Fresh Burrito and a third Outtakes convenience store.

“The only restaurant I’m excited about is Wendy’s,” Falcon says. “Their chicken nuggets, mandarin chicken salads and chocolate Frosties are my favorite.”

According to Tracey De Jager, the Director of Retail Operations for Chartwells, says that the decision to replace Burger King, Pizza Hut and the rest of the Breezeway Food Court was voted upon by a committee consisting of faculty and students over a period of six months. æChartwells Marketing Manager Dean Samuels adds that a four-day random survey was conducted in the cafeteria by a Chartwells marketing team which asked students to choose which restaurant brands would best fulfill their needs on campus.

æ”The customer we are serving today is extremely brand-conscious,” says De Jager. “They’ve been brought up on the Armanis, Guccis, McDonalds and Burger Kings of the world. [Students] told us what they want; [for example], they see Quiznos as less fattening than Subway.”

Although the dust is far from settled, Samuels says students should expect newfangled seating booths and wooden stools “for a more comfortable dining experience.” The food court’s old turnstile entrance and checkout counters have been abolished as well, since each new restaurant is equipped with cash registers. It makes for less concentrated clutter overall, says Samuels.

De Jager believes the students have chosen a diverse array of meal options for Fall 2007 and beyond.

“I think that the variety of brands we have will cater to an all-around audience, and allow flexibility for what their tastes buds desire on a daily basis,” says De Jager.

De Jager points out Bamboo’s unique food preparation service, whereby students select their menu items and watch trained chefs toss it together using a wok, as an example of what to expect from the updated Breezeway Cafeteria.

“It’s going to be a very funky experience- above and beyond what Panda Express can offer,” De Jager says.

“My job to ensure that Salsaritas [Fresh Burrito] is a much better brand than, say, Taco Bell. It’s a more upscale version,” De Jager says. “With Mama Leone’s, you get to pick your own toppings and choose from pasta and calzones instead of limiting yourself to pizza. Chick ‘n Grill is [also] a very exciting brand with grilled chicken burgers, wraps and phenomenal sauces.”æ

Samuels says that brands are incredibly important, but he believes students shouldn’t associate the Cafeteria’s lavish overhaul with inflated menu prices.

“Students always associate an upscale [restaurant] with an upscale consumer cost,” says Samuels, “but in reality all prices will be comparable with whatever you find in Boca, and in some cases lower.”

Samuels believes that the new additions will help students enjoy a wider variety of choices.

“I hope that [the restaurant replacements] gives the student population the confidence that we were listening to their surveys.”

Until August 23, hungry students are redirected to the Resident Dining Hall and Coyote Jacks Grill in the University Center, the Outtakes convenience store, Einstein Bros. and Starbucks CafíÂ- all with extended summer hours.

For more information regarding food court upgrades, pick up the Chartwells brochure located inside a sleeve on the Breezeway Cafeteria’s entrance door. æ

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