Where Have All the Computers Gone?

“I thought there was a computer lab here,” a girl wonders as she walks by an empty room on the second floor of the University Center on the Boca campus.

“This is horrible because my club meets weekly in this lab,” said Dimtri Lazovski, president of the LAN Protocol Learning Society (LPLS), a gaming club. “We found out a week ago at the last minute we couldn’t meet in the lab.”

And it doesn’t look like they’ll be meeting this week either.

The computers were removed without notice from the lab by IRM so renovations could be made to make room for a new office of orientation. Currently, the computers have been temporarily relocated to the library.

Confusion caused by the missing computers has outraged Student Government representatives and left many students with questions. As Brian Keintz, director of the University Center, explains this is “a communication breakdown on all sides.”

According to Keintz, the plan was discussed over the summer with members of Student Government who have since graduated.

Keintz says the computer lab has been redesigned to install a new orientation office. “The computer lab wasn’t efficiently built. It’s like 2,500 square feet. The lab used about half of that.”

In a meeting with LPLS vice president Chris Spahn, Boca representative Tony Arserio and Boca parliamentarian Jenna Serini, Keintz said that the lab should be reopen in early April. He was also very motivated to help LPLS find another lab or get a temporary lab set up over spring break.

“This is not the way I operate,” Keintz said in reference to the lack of communication. “This is not the way I wanted things to go.”