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CD Reviewby Anthony A. Choman STAFF WRITER

Vena SeraChevelle Release Date: 4/3/07Chevelle is the lone power-trio in the music industry today. Pete (lead guitar & vocals) and Sam (drums) Loeffler are reason enough why most of you out there in rock-land are already well acquainted with Chevelle’s signature sound of shredding riffs and guttural, angst-wrought vocals. Vena Sera is the Chicagoan alt-rock’s fourth album and it most assuredly doesn’t suck. The first single, “Well Enough Alone,” instantaneously reminds one of the band’s rage-riddled grooves and overall disdain for the mainstream. Catch Cheville’s angrily-crashing beats and bombastically-blasting power chords in these killer tracks: “The Red,” and “Send The Pain Below.”

Because Of The TimesKings of Leon Release Date: 4/3/07Pop quiz: which familial rock act opened up for U2 on their Vertigo tour? Answer: The Kings of Leon. Hailing from the Midwest, this group of three brothers and one cousin has been racking up international acclaim since their last album, Aha Shake Heartbreak. Their unique blend of garage-flavored southern rock is back on KOL’s third release from RCA records, Because Of The Times, proving anything’s possible when one commingles three separate genres to craft a wholly original sound. Continuing with our rule of three for this week, opt for these solid tracks: “My Party,” “Camaro,” and “Charmer.”

Traffic And WeatherFountains of Wayne Release Date: 4/3/07Stacy’s mom has long since moved out, to be swiftly replaced by Fountains of Wayne‘s new album Traffic And Weather. This pop-rock quartet is no stranger to the trappings of pop-music, and the sugary-sweet, pop-laden songwriting duo Chris Collingswood (vocals/guitar) and Adam Schlesinger (bass) openly display their obsession of sixties and seventies. The formulaic success that FOW had on 2003’s Welcome Interstate Managers is back on these key tracks: “Fire in the Canyon,” “92 Subaru,” “This Better Be Good,” and the first single, “Someone to Love.”

Shock ValueTimbaland Release Date: 4/3/07The only thing more shocking than Timbaland’s innate ability to produce successful smash hits is the lengthy guest talent list on his sophomore album Shock Value. The seventeen-track album is a venerable who’s who of pop-music stardom: Justin Timberlake, Fall Out Boy, 50 Cent, Nelly Furtado, Jay-Z, Elton John, Missy Elliot and The Hives. There’s more gold and platinum on this album than the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise. “Give It to Me,” featuring Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, is the first (guaranteed) hit single.

Food Review .OPA!by Tey-Marie Astudillo

Ft. Lauderdale is loaded with a medley of restaurants and clubs to satisfy all types of palates and interests. With everything in the same area, it’s quite easy to find a restaurant before spitting for the nearest club to dance the night away. But why bother leaving at all? Taverna Opa combines both the club and restaurant setting in one distinct atmosphere. This festive dining located on Ft. Lauderdale’s Intracoastal surpasses the typical dining experience, serving up a great ambiance and unique location for a great time. This reporter was a past traveler to the Mediterranean (Egypt, specifically) and Opa quite literally dishes out near-authentic cultural cuisine and flavors. If you prefer more familiar yet delectable cooking, you won’t be disappointed. Menus range from traditional Greek Meze such as Keftedes- which are basically fried meatballs adorned with onions, caseri cheese and parsley- to the good ‘ol American fare like chicken breast skewers, lobster, and ribeye. Check out the tzatziki (a form of yogurt) and dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves with rice) for other cuisine options. FAU students who crave exotic world foods yet dig the deluxe treatment at sensible prices will find this a great opportunity. And don’t forget- when you arrive, leave your table manners at the door. The clincher to this venue is that you’re encouraged to dance atop the wooden tables. No, really. It’s the nightly custom. Bring your groove shoes, because a thick air of rowdiness erupts as the Greek music kicks into gear, turning this once-cozy nook into a club setting extravaganza. Loud music, belly dancers, and sociable servers (who work hard but party harder), make this is a great place for a group of friends searching for the ultimate dinner and club experience. Friday and Saturday nights can get pretty packed, so make sure to call ahead for reservations: 954-567-1630.

This week’s Fashionby Ashley Gabriel STAFF WRITER Since “April showers bring May flowers”, this week’s hottest trends are all about flat shoes and trench coats. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Fergie are wearing anything from flats to trench coats to play up a casual outfit. When going out in jeans and tank tops, accessories and shoes can make the outfit stand out among others’ boring attires. When pairing flat shoes with jeans, make sure the jeans are skinny or a boot cut flare. If the jeans are wide and long, the style will make you look shorter. If wearing heels isn’t your cup of tea, opt for a dressier approach by mingling a skirt or jeans with gold or black flats. White or beige trench coats are perfect draped over a baby doll dress, jeans or flower print top for lunch, dinner, or a day of shopping. Choose one that’s above the knees, with a fitted waist belt yet still large enough to wear layers underneath. Great affordable stores like Target and Steve Madden frequently have sales on flat shoes and trench coats that look much more expensive than they are. Target clothing line Isaac Mizrahi carries a chic assortment of trench coats for as low as $49.99. Also, stores such as Forever 21, Zara, and Urban Outfitters are great locations to find more eclectic and offbeat pieces such as embroidered gold trenches or checkered flats.