Student Body President Resigns

Student Body President Kirk Murray submitted a three-sentence letter of resignation to FAU President Frank Brogan Thursday afternoon.

The letter read, “I accept responsibility for failing to adequately oversee the SGA Book Voucher Program during the time that it was under my supervision.”

His resignation comes amid months of mishaps beginning with SG’s botched elections and culminating in SG’s gift card giveaway program , in which application forms were forged and at least $2,500 went unaccounted for.

Brogan said the administration has been in discussions with Murray over the last several days about their concerns, but he insisted Murray resigned on his own.

Student Affairs and FAU’s police department have both been investigating the program. Brogan says the administration’s investigation is complete. He said that they concluded that the book voucher program was mishandled but offered no further explanation. He also said that the FAU police have turned over all their information to the state attorney’s office, and that the status was unknown.

Later that afternoon in Brogan’s office, Student Body Vice President Austin Shaw was sworn in as president, with Boca Gov. Kim Nyugen as vice president. After leaving Brogan’s office, Shaw was visibly shaken, and at one point he said, “Excuse me if I don’t have my fake smile on right now…My job just got a whole lot more difficult.”

As for Murray’s resignation he said, “I’m completely disappointed. Things obviously need to change in Student Government. Students deserve better than this.”