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Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Homecoming, the long-time annual tradition of celebrating school spirit during football season, is right around the corner and this year’s Homecoming Week is filled with activities and events to show school spirit and promote student involvement.

In order to ensure this tradition is carried out, a four-person committee is appointed and given an almost $170,000 budget to make it happen. This year the committee received $169, 040.00 to pay for events on four campuses as well as giveaways, decorations and marketing supplies. The budget also includes payroll for the four Homecoming committee members for 36 weeks.

But this year, due to Student Government presidential election issues, the committee won’t be paid for a full 36 weeks. In fact, Homecoming Director Tameika Pharr was supposed to be appointed by the University Wide Council – a group of SG’s top officials – in May but was instead appointed Aug. 25, three months late.

“I had to wait for an official president to be in office,” Pharr said. “I couldn’t hire a staff until I was appointed, and now we are really pressed for time.”

Although Pharr says the setback affected much-needed planning time, the committee is positive that this year’s events will still run smoothly.

“I hope to make Homecoming as successful as possible with the time restraints,” said Shae Walker, the committee’s marketing director. “We hope all the events go well and the students attend.”

The best part of this year’s Homecoming, according to the committee, is its theme. “This year’s theme is Lights, Camera, Action…A Hollywood Affair,” said Kayleigh Kelley, the Formal Dance coordinator and last year’s director. “We are going to have great decorations for the dance, and it’s going to be a very elegant Hollywood-like atmosphere.”

Where did the idea of Homecoming originate?

Although it’s hard to know for sure, the first Homecoming celebration dates back to the 1900’s when University of Missouri Athletic Director Chester Brewer devised a plan to boost the attendance at the school’s football game. According to an article in INSIGHTS Magazine, titled “Homecoming…An American Tradition,” Brewer challenged alumnus to return home for a celebration including parades, parties, pep rally’s and a big football game. Over 9,000 alumni returned home for the special event, which is recorded as the first official Homecoming game. Homecoming is now an annual tradition practiced in every high school and college in the country.

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