Kirk Murray Wins Election

Business major Kirk Murray, who lost an April runoff for student body president but contested the results, won a new election early Saturday by an unofficial tally of 708-551 over political science major Tony Teixeira.

The question now: Is it Teixeira’s turn to dispute an election?

Teixeira told the UP on Friday that he had left a voice mail with the ACLU of Florida in Miami. He said he wanted to discuss with a lawyer a controversial Student Government decision that banned him from campaigning for three days. (See “Presidential Candidate Barred From Campaigning”).

Teixeira wasn’t present at the vote tallying that began 12:30 Saturday morning, even though FAU’s attorney said he must be notified. When Associate Student Affairs Dean Lisa Bardill asked SG Elections Supervisor Sloane Schames if she had contacted Teixeira, she replied, “I told him [Teixeira] in the breezeway in the afternoon.”

But that wasn’t what Schames told the UP Friday night.

Schames said she didn’t tell either candidate about the midnight meeting. Murray wasn’t at the vote tallying, either, but his running mate Austin Shaw was.

“I don’t even think I told Bardill,” Schames said. Indeed, Bardill confirmed that she only learned about the vote tallying a couple of hours before it started. About 30 minutes before the votes were counted, Bardill called FAU attorney Larry Glick, and she announced that Glick wanted both sides notified.

Whether Teixeira will add that to his list of disputes remains to be seen.