Dining on Campus -Simply Juice-

With a busy class schedule, not everyone has the luxury of sitting down for lunch. With a vast array of fruity smoothies and juices, Simply Juice can be a convenient and healthy alternative for a student on-the-go. Drinks, like the Berry Blast, combine fruit juices, banana and protein powder for a frothy meal in a glass that you can take with you, even into class.

Students looking for a quick energy boost can get a shot of fresh-pressed wheatgrass juice. Yes, it does taste like grass but there’s nothing like a little “lawn-in-a-cup” to get your blood pumping. However, if you’re not into grazing and crave the traditional caffeine pep, Simply Juice also serves Starbucks coffee.

If chewing is more your style, there are daily specials like Spinach and Ceasar Salad, turkey wraps and a wide variety of fresh-baked muffins. Also available are granola bars, soy chips, trail mix and fresh fruit.