Letter to the editor:

Haven’t we grown up? Aren’t we beyond kindergarten games and the high school soap opera?

I was ashamed to be an FAU student, represented by adults who were acting like children. The UWC meeting that occurred March 17 at the Treasure coast campus made me feel like I was at a live taping of a soap opera. There was intrigue, deceit, political power plays worthy of the NFL, heartless accusations and threats of violence, degradation, ignorance, indignation, begging, and ambivalence.

Don’t get me wrong, there were good things there too, like the food, and truth, the defense of honor and sensibility, an advisor that had 911 programmed into his phone, a security guard in the parking lot, and did I mention the food? Yes, it really was that bad.

I am like most students. Government politics do not mean as much to me as family, friends, and school. So what is making me write this letter to the editor? Why am I jumping up on this soapbox to express my opinion? Because I am a part of this school, because I do have a voice in student government (even though Treasure Coast votes were thrown out during the election of the UWC), and I abhor power plays.

Yeah, a power play. That is what I got out of that meeting on March 17. I have some things to say to members of the senate of all campuses:? He or she, who is without sin, fault, or regret, should cast the first stone at Dan Wilson and vote for his impeachment.? He or she who has been on time and present to every meeting, class, day of work, and appointment should cast the first stone at Dan Wilson and vote for his impeachment.? He or she who has never put off to tomorrow what should have been done today should cast the first stone at Dan Wilson and vote for his impeachment.

Is there one senate member from any campus that fits these criterions? Because if there should be one among you who can, without perjury, admit to these things, then I say you should go right out and walk on water.

I felt bad for our school president, who was betrayed by the Boca senate for pure power reasons. What is the point of impeaching him so close to the end of the school year? Missing meetings? Not appointing a position that all members of the UWC have a stake in being accomplished? Well, I would assume that he should be given a warning, not an impeachment.

While you in the senate are bickering about what Dan Wilson should and should not have done, there are students out there with REAL problems that need resolution from their elected officials. YOU represent US, UWC and senate members, and I for one, do not like the way in which I am being represented by you.

A member of our faculty should not have had to stand at the podium and threaten to call the law to retain order. The senate member sitting in the back of the room should have respected the proceedings by keeping QUIET during the meeting and not acted like a bully on a playground in grade school. People who only want power because of the position they hold, and not to better the school experience for students, should stay out of government and go into therapy.

I, for one, do not want a puppet president to represent my interests to the Board, faculty, and the world. I want someone who will fight for what is best for me as a student, and someone who is not afraid to jump up and down when there is an injustice, and do whatever it takes to right that injustice.

Leona Walden