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Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


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Memory and Wellness Center Seeks Volunteers

Alzheimer disease and related memory disorders are taking center stage here at Florida Atlantic University. The Louis and Anne Greene Memory and Wellness Center, located here on campus, is currently addressing the complex problems that these diseases have through research, education and provision of care. If you want to help, the center is making volunteer opportunities available. Help is needed in the following areas: tour guides, meeters and greeters, arts and crafts instructors and assistants, educational presenters or support group facilitators, among many other areas.

For more information contact Mark Cornett at 561-297-4235, or stop by the Memory and Wellness Center, which is located next to the FAU Police station on the northeast corner of the Boca Campus. By – Brian Falcon

New Searchable Database Provides Access to FAU Experts

Looking for an expert for a public speech? Need a professional for a research project? Then look no further. FAU’s faculty and staff experts–who are available as media sources, research purposes, or are a part of the University Speakers Bureau–are now listed in a newly developed, searchable database. The database currently holds more than 200 members and 1,000 searchable keywords, with more to come. It is a free resource and will be updated as soon as faculty, staff, and areas of expertise are expanded. To access this database, visit www.fau.edu/experts.

For more information contact Kristine McGrath, media relations director, at 561-297-1168 or by [email protected]. By – Brian Falcon

Catching up with Theater in the Raw

With Dr. Frankenfurter, “Canker Sores,” and cross-dressing twins, Theater in the Raw is gearing up for a year of ambitious productions.

First in the docket is a possible collaboration with ICC, InterClub Council, during the Haunted Hall celebration this year, which is rumored to be in the Abacoa Town Center rather than the dorm halls as in previous years. Members of Theater in the Raw, and some volunteers, will contribute a number of songs and musical skits to add street performance to TIR’s repertoire.

Vice President, Abby Williams, revealed that TIR officers are still in the process of casting their fall line up for the one-act plays scheduled to run from October 18 through October 20 at the MacArthur campus auditorium. Williams, who will take on the role of director and producer, will team up with Advisor Dr. Michael Harrawood, in the production of 10 to 15 minute comedies, which will range in subject. These include Christopher Durang’s “Canker Sores and Other Distractions” and George Kaufman’s “Still Alarm.” According to The Edinburgh Fringe 2004 review, “‘Canker Sores and Other Distractions'” sees a divorced couple at a reconciliation dinner that is constantly waylaid by a recognizably intrusive waiter. “Still Alarm,” however, is a play about two men, calmly carrying on a conversation while their hotel burns down.

Most of the cast members from last year’s Fish with Fur production are expected to comprise much of the acting pool for this year’s one-act plays. There has been, however, no nonresidential student interest in auditioning, even with advertisement posters and other marketing ploys in the mix. Williams can only offer that participating in TIR is “inconvenient” for those who must drive to campus for rehearsals and meetings, but she insists that TIR will remain “accessible.” Posters will advertise more detail in the next few weeks.

Other fall events include an interactive showing of the film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in the cafeteria on October 21 and will coincide with the Halloween Dinner. So, while enjoying your Halloween meal as well as booty bags and other such prizes, enjoy watching pre-Home Alone Tim Curry strutting around as the transsexual Transylvanian, with better legs than Kylie Minogue and the creative genius of Victor Frankenstein, along with Susan Sarandon, who was arguably, at her best in this film.

Historically, an interactive film, the audience is expected to participate as well, shouting various choreographed lines and even dancing to the musical numbers of the film. As has been tradition with Rocky Horror TIR officers will dress as characters in the film, and as James Brundage of FilmCritic.com explained, “Every once in a while it’s fun to just sit back, go wild, dress up in garters and watch a messed up movie.” Feel free to dress the part.

Also as an aside, Friday Night Movies, a joint-club program in which a club chooses a movie to view in the auditorium every Friday night, is up and running. Movies are lining up for the rest of the semester, including highly acclaimed films such as the Anthropology Club’s choice, The Gods Must Be Crazy.

Spring will usher in Theater in the Raw’s major production, William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” and will host auditions following the fall productions. Dates for the performance will be forthcoming. By – Elizabeth Cannon

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