You’re better than that crappy bar:

It’s Tuesday night and you’re prepping to go out on the town. You fix your hair and bathe in enough perfume or cologne to rise above the staunchly bar-smoke usually present at your local loser bar and karaoke lounge.

Subscribing to this, at best, you will probably wind up scoring a couple of fake numbers after you take second place in the karaoke sweep contest.

If you’re tired of the same scene, the same smoke and the same people (wearing the same smile), then be a little more creative; break away and find a place that fits you best. Between Fort Lauderdale and Lakeland there are dozens of interesting scenes going on.

Last Wednesday I quit second-hand-smoking and found an interesting restaurant scene, DaDa. And no, it’s not named after the popular first word of infants. DaDa refers to the early 20th century artistic movement that basically said “F-U” to high art – making everything art, even urinals (this is actually true).

So how did they make all this into a restaurant? Well, they downloaded fragments of DaDa culture and plastered it on the walls of an old 1920 house all while creating a delicious menu, leaving out urinal crab-cake salad of course. The menu does include unique dishes you’ve probably never heard of like Butternut Squash Ravioli and Habanero Maple Glaze Grilled Salmon (kid tested and mother approved). Don’t worry, it’s not all fancy-shmancy. You can always stay simple with the DaDa Burger (which gives Fuddruckers a run for their money). Sorry folks, no freedom fries are served here.

Aside from the menu, local bands representing different flavors of genre play live on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Other events include open mic nights, magic shows on Wednesdays, and movie screenings (the FAU Film Club will be screening here).

So put the Karaoke microphone down and check this place out, it’s definitely one of the coolest scenes in the tri-county area and their food is to DaDa for.