Curious Conesa wants to know…

….What is Florida Atlantic University missing?

Arpan Banerjee3rd year GraduateComplex Systems and Brain Sciences“A strong cultural and literary movement.”

Jesse McDonaldJuniorPolitical Science“Kids. And bars near campus.”

Agustina PonceSeniorSocial Work“Cigarette vending machines.”

Sindy BernotSeniorPre-Med“I would like to see more class options, especially in the sciences.”

Dina KessarisSeniorMicrobiology“More on-campus activities that will unify the student body, especially since the majority of us are commuters.”

Oscar WilliamsJuniorMechanical Engineering“I’d like to see another central area on campus apart from the breezeway.”

Stephany MaurisseauFreshmanHealthAdministration“More parking!”

Reinaldo DiazSeniorCommunications“An actual film major as opposed to just communications, which is way too general.”