Spring Break is here, where should you go?

Where should you go for spring break? Well that all depends on what you want to do. If all you want to do is relax on the beach, then drive three miles east and behind those giant three story condominiums is a beautiful beach. If you like theme parks your best bet is probably Busch Gardens in Tampa.

There are plenty of fun places in Florida, but, if your looking for the biggest party of the year, fill up your gas tank and drive eight hours to Panama City Beach.

This spring break Panama City Beach (PCB) is expected to welcome close to 400,000 spring breakers, “the largest in history,” says Doug Atkin – PCB director of promotions. Since eight hours of driving is quite an investment of time, gas money, and munchies, I decided to fly up to New York City to interview Atkin. Actually, I never flew to NYC, I figured the telephone would actually be more feasible:

UP: Is PCB closer in comparison to Cancun, Mexico or South Beach?Atkin: It’s a combination of both. You get the benefits of Miami and the atmosphere of Cancun.UP: How long is ‘spring break’ in PCB and how long is the beach?Atkin: From March 5 through April 1. The beach is 27 miles long.UP: What if it rains, what does the party hog do then?Atkin: There is an indoor pavilion for entertainment as well as a technology showcase at the Boardwalk Beach Resort Property. This will showcase the hottest technologies designed for students – like safelight radio, guitars, and lots of activities for gamers.UP: Is Girls Gone Wild coming back this year?Atkin: They are not scheduled to be there.UP: Are there any other attractions besides keg stands and good looking people in their beach threads?Atkin: The primary focus in March is spring breakUP: The big question, why should we South Floridians, who take our own beach for granted, drive so far just to go to your beach?Atkin: This spring break PCB will have the largest aggregate of college students from all over the country. It’s a great chance to meet other students from all over the country.

In other words, I think what he is saying is that, you have the best odds here for a one-night-stand, or you can go with what he actually said, “It’s a great chance to meet other students”. At any rate, what happens in PCB definitely will not stay in PCB because all your friends have cell phones that can take pictures and videos of you and that person from Tulane. So be good or be good at it.

So back to the original question, what should you do for spring break? If you live somewhere near the edge and you love to party and say things like “Carpe Deum”, go to this party haven. If you have “been there and done that”, go again. Just don’t drive that far unless its for one reason – to party like its 1999.