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Owl Radio throws a house party:

The much anticipated concert featuring Miami’s own Pitbull hit the University Center on Nov. 19 as Owl Radio threw one heck of a hip-hop party.

The highly publicized concert housed between 1,200 and 1,500 screaming fans. Young and old alike, they gathered from all around to see their favorite hip-hop star perform. Forty-one year old Criminal justice major Carolina Santana was waiting outside the University Center auditorium since early afternoon. Age is not an issue when it comes to Pitbull’s style, she says it’s simply the rhythm that attracts her. She went on to say, “When we have dance parties, everyone’s dancing [to Pitbull], even my mom who is 65”. Pitbull’s beats even get senior citizens moving.

Nineteen year old Alicia from Miami, along with her friend, 20 year old Natalia were the first two fans in line. They were waiting outside the auditorium since four in the afternoon. Alicia is a huge Pitbull fan and first heard of him back when he had a cameo on Lil’ Jon’s CD. “It was the best part of the CD,” she said. Her friend Natalia was also waiting in the U.C. lobby since the middle of the afternoon. She said the reason she finds Pitbull’s music so alluring is because he raps in both English and Spanish.

Pitbull and his crew swept through FAU like a brushfire, and left the audience wanting more. Before Pitbull took the stage, a few of his friends, along with the FAU Idol winner got the crowd ready to see the show closer.

Chloe Dolandis, the FAU Idol winner, kicked off the show with her first performance.

A couple of young ladies named Adela and Liyah were among those who opened the show. The crowd might not have been feeling them as much as they did some of the other acts. This was made obvious when one of the ladies, mainly Liyah, were showered with a barrage of ‘boos’ during their performances. The relentless crowd came to see a hip-hop show, and they were merely victims of circumstance.

After she left the stage, a couple of fellas named Smoke House and Cognito rocked the crowd for a little bit. After their energetic performance, it was time for the crowd to see the man they came for.

Pitbull took the stage to an anxious crowd. His set was short, but electric. He played the songs that the crowd was hungry for, Culo and Dammit man were a must. His energy was felt throughout the entire crowd and they loved every second of it.

On stage with Pitbull during his set was his homeboy and ‘Hype Man’, Cubo. Cubo said he’s learning the in’s and out’s of the game through Pitbull. If you haven’t heard of him, it’s because he’s wary of the pitfalls of the business.

Cubo’s savvy and knows that there’s more money out there being independent. He’s in the game for what he called the “real money”. Cubo didn’t miss a beat, he was hanging with the big dog for his entire set.

All in all, the concert went off without a hitch. The Station Manager at Owl Radio, Jerry Lissade said the station met its goals, “Everyone enjoyed it and had a good time.”

Lissade also said he couldn’t have done it alone. He gave props to all those who made it happen. Hoot Recordings, OWL TV, and Wackadoo’s were among those institutions that were involved from the beginning.

Pitbull came, saw, and rocked the crowd. OWL Radio put on a successful show. A good time was had by all, but this is only the beginning of OWL Radio’s FAU takeover.

Look for the Spring Roll next semester. OWL Radio will be putting on an unprecedented double concert this Spring. Half hip-hop house party, half rave. Be on the look out, it’s gonna be hot.

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