Me, Myself & I gets personal

The Schmidt Center Gallery presented an exhibition exploring issues of autobiography and identity through various media titled Me, Myself & I on Friday, Nov. 5.

Over 30 international artists are shown with works ranging in styles such as a bobble-head doll, a warped clone that will make you dizzy, and various pictures and paintings that portray the artist’s psyche.

While all the works are very different from one another, they each explore their psychological state of minds, and their views of themselves in the culture they live in.

Artists in the exhibition include Diana Shpungin and Nicole Engelmann, whose video installation Session shows the nature of body language and appearance. Both artists will be giving a lecture on their work on Monday, Nov. 22 at 7 p.m. in GCS 118 at the Boca campus.

Other works include Carol Irving’s installation Bearing Truth that shows the artist taking a lie detector test while being questioned and stripping as a way to bare her soul. Anthony Giocolea’s picture Last Supper is an interesting reference to Leonardo’s da Vinci’s famous painting, as he is shown attacking loaves of white bread.

Visitors of the exhibition will not be bored or disappointed as each work is done differently, though the message of the artists may be similar.The exhibition will run through Saturday, Jan. 29 2005 in the Schmidt Center Gallery.

For more information on gallery hours, call (561) 297-2977 or visit