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I like Bush

Based on the current political climate I feel driven to tell the truth. I am a 5th generation military brat, I love the US Army and the country for which it fights. I am also a thirty-year-old bisexual woman. I remember Reagan’s negative stance on homosexuals and AIDS causes and the pain that stance caused good people.

I’m telling you all of this to let everyone know how torn I am over this year’s presidential election. I may lose some friends because of my selection, but unlike the majority of politicians, I feel that honesty is the only choice I can conscionably make.

John Kerry is intelligent, articulate and has decades of government experience. His major character flaw is his desire to be liked by everyone; hence, his ambivalent stand on the war in Iraq. He seems to be afraid if he is too decisive about a subject he will lose the favor of their opposition. As someone with a life-long habit of doing that exact same thing, I recognized the behavior. I don’t feel he has a strong enough character to lead the country through a war.

On the other hand, I think Bush is an honest man and a decent president. I also think he is doing the right thing in Iraq and the Middle East. However, his proposal to put a constitutional ban on gay marriage is contemptuous and divisive. It is also unnerving that he has decided to make the radical Christian groups his favorite bedfellows.

So where does this leave the fiscally conservative/socially liberal, like the Log Cabin Republicans and the Libertarians, that don’t want a more socialist society or a return to “family values,” if that family fits their pattern?

The perfect candidate would have a strong moral compass, tight with money, pro-military and socially liberal. Unfortunately, that candidate hasn’t been presented in this election. Therefore, it comes down to deciding which candidate will cause the least harm to the country until a candidate with an impeccable character and kind heart can be found.

I am disenchanted with both candidates and I feel sickened by the choice I am going to make, I am going to be voting for George Bush this election. The reason I am making this choice is because of the terrorist attacks in 2001. As I see it, if we are not alive to enjoy our personal freedoms, like gay marriage, what is the point of having them? Bush seems better equipped to keep our country safe, for example, he knows his limits and has surrounded him self with an incredible cabinet like Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.

No matter which candidate wins, do not forget to send letters, emails and make phone calls to your state representatives letting them know your stance on issues. The President cannot do as much damage if they are blocked.

The Founding Fathers of the United States knew America would have to deal with a bad president so they put in the checks and balances system. So in November, speak your mind without fear, vote your preference, remembering that we are the democracy and count your blessings that the Founding Fathers had the foresight to prevent a bad president from causing too much damage.

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