What I did during my hurricane vacation

I went to Stuart because that’s where my family is. I stayed at my grandparent’s house. When the eye went over, we huddled in the walk-in closet with a bird and a dog. I had tree debris at my house and still have no power. We’re just happy to be alive.Kristine McGrathDirector of Media Relations

The Broward campuses have not received any major problems or damages. A few trees were uprooted and leaves were blown around and that is about it.Sameko MunroeBroward Governor, Student Government

We put up shutters that were provided by the neighborhood, bought water and food and also a portable television. I was more anxious than scared because there was nothing else to do but sit around sit around at home.Georgette CardenasSenior Communication major

I was at home in Inverary. A limb from a neighbor’s tree came off and landed on my house, so parts of my roof came off and the house got flooded. The insurance people came right away to patch it up in case another hurricane came. Mickey DutesStudent Government Vice President

I was fortunate because I never lost power at my home in Coral Springs. We had some wind and it was kinda fun. I kept checking the FAU website for updates and we rented a bunch of Blockbuster videos.Alvira KhanStudent Government President

I think that FAU did very well with its response to the hurricane. The only thing that I think I’d do differently would be to try to restore classes faster.Heather BoyerStudent Government Senate Speaker, Jupiter campus

I took my family to St. Petersburg and we bought extra water and diapers. We had no damage to our house in Coral Springs, but there was a 36 hour power outage that we weren’t there for.John CahillAnalyst, Office of Institutional of Effectiveness and Analysis

It gave me a whole new perspective on Homer’s Odyssey. You look at the ocean and it’s all nice and serene — 12 hours later it’s ferocious.Carole GouldProfessor of Philosophy