Letter to the public

Dear Editor,

I am an inspiring writer who has had enough of people with no manners. I am writing to you in confedientiality about my name.I was aware that you needed writers so here is my shot at making a difference in the World. I am a thirty year old student here at Florida Atlantic University.The University does have so much to offer with programs and student body and professors. I love the experience within the University here but I write to you out of frustration of Boca in general. I do come from the Midwest but whatever happened to manners in the world? I was raised where it was a given to be polite and be kind to all. I have have had enough of the cell phone talking on the roads, people that do not say thank you, and who are just plain rude!. I understand the modern world we live in today with PDA’S, cell phones, downloads, and our obsessions with what other people have but cant we be still be polite? I do come from a world of morals, manners, and kidness is that so wrong? I recently was freed from the rudeness of South Florida to get my injenction of the Mid-West way. To go the Midwest and enjoy the cold and the people is an amazing experience that all should try.I recommend this to all if you have had a enough.In the Midwest people enjoy life, are noce to others, and they truly know the meaning of family!My trip was only three days but the minute I stepped on the plane back to Fort Lauderdale was inendated with rudeness. I shook my head, took a deep breath and said back to rudeland. If you happen to be one of those people that just can’t say thank you or appreciate the people around you, this is a challenge for one year to try and smile, be happy, kind to your neighbor. I do challenge you to speak to others you don’t know. It will be okay, people do not bite.The man above did put us on this earth to enjoy life! To be kind and outgoing is ok. Love thy neighbor. Does anyone remember the good ole days of knowing your neighbors name? I guess I have a disadvantage of being raised in the eighties but how I do dream of the 1930’s and 40’s. Even when the world was struggling with War , they knew how to appreciate life and appreciate what they did have! It is okay that you are not from New York. It is okay to be proud of where you reside but to wear it on your arm with arrogance is just wrong.Please do not charge people or look down upon them because they don’t know about the “city”. This challenge is just not for New Yorkers but everyone who is fierce on a day to day basis. I challenge you for one year to smile it is okay. Do you know what a smile can do? It can change your mood instantly and it is contagious. I may seem arrogant from this request but I have been through hard times in my life. I know it may seem funny even though I am a ripe age of thirty. But if you were to come into my world I would let you know that hitting the bottom of a bad life and reaching up and realizing what life is about is a great gift to have. So to all I want to give you this gift of trying to change. Even though it is 2004 and we are all so busy with work, school, kids, or whatever may be the case.I do give this challenge to you in honor of my father who raised seven kids, survived cancer, and who is caring and still is trying to smile!

SincerlyFrustrated in Boca