Changing the mascot is a truly stupid idea

Whoever came up with the stupid idea of changing our beloved owl to the blue wave, had to be someone some marketing guy, the same sort of people who gave us new coke. The blue wave reminds me of that thing you stick in the toilet bowl to clean it. If you ask the people who actually go to the games not just people on the street, there is virtually no support for the blue wave. The alumni didnt ask for a new mascot, and our football coach has already said he doesnt want one.

Lets be honest here, changing our mascot isnt going to bring more money and fans to FAU teams…winning will…as the 12,800 fans at the colgate game will attest to. So what if the owl mascot is cute…so is Pokemon and thats a billion dollar business with rabid fans. If you want our mascot to strike fear in the opposing team, kick their butt on the field. If you want local people to come to the games, cut the price of the season tickets, and get concession prices under control. If you want students to come to the games, dont make them sit in the worst seats in the stadium.

Stephen Vosspoli sci graduate student lifetime alumni