Mardi Gras on the Treasure Coast

A bounce house, a Velcro wall, a ‘King of the Mountain’ wall to climb, lots of food, cotton candy, popcorn and punch were how the Treasure Coast campus celebrated FAU’s Homecoming. Beads, fancy masks with feathers, and gold painted pennies were a few of the items that Student Government distributed on Saturday, October 25 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the campus in Port St.Lucie.

The event was free to students and their families. Because the campus’s small population is largely made up of middle-aged adults with children, events there tend to be family-friendly.

“There’s not too much we can do for our students, except to make their lives more pleasurable,” said Governor Helen Marshall.

Student Government’s office is always open, and students often stop by before class to get something out of the large refrigerator. They also give out free school supplies to the students.

More than 300 people showed up to Mardi Gras at the Treasure Coast campus. The caricatures that were set up at three stations along the courtyard and the pií±ata were very popular. Next to the bounce house and the “King of the Mountain” wall was a tent with tables and chairs underneath. Here people ate and watched their kids enjoy the games. There was also a raffle for promotional items.

Treasure Coast is the northernmost campus of FAU. Programs offered there include nursing, criminal justice, and elementary education.