Where’s the free food?

On Tuesday September 23, 2003, Student government Program Board provided free food. Both Fleming hall and the Education building had tables set up with a variety of items to choose from. To my surprise all the entrí©es were free and served with great hospitality. The food fest started at 6pm and continued until the plates ran out. Many hungry students were delighted to chow down before or after class.

Fleming hall was my first stop where I indulged in soul food. There was delicious fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, and the cheesiest macaroni and cheese. The soul food reminded me of grandma’s house where warm thoughts and a feeling of calm prevailed. Being on a college campus and eating comfort food can make anyone feel like they’re at home.

“I think it is great that they give students the opportunity for free food especially since a lot of people come straight from work to class, I know I really appreciate it,” commented Angela Santacruz, FAU senior.

In the Education building I found clusters of people gathered around Chinese food. The massive selection included chicken, rice, lo mien noodles, and many different condiments to fulfill the individuals’ varied taste preferences. One of the students enjoying the Chinese food was FAU senior Juan Castro who said, “The free food that FAU offers is the easiest way to get college students attention.” He was right. Food must be an attention grabber because both buildings were packed with hungry individuals.

Ary Lehrer, Special Events Chair and FAU senior commented, ” Night students do not get to reap the benefits of the activity and service fees that they pay for with their tuition, because most of the events and activities are held during the day. Being that these are non-traditional students who go to school at night, we want to offer them their own event that they can enjoy and participate in.”

These food fests happen about three to four times a semester and cater to about one hundred people. This event is worked on a first come first serve basis. Keep a look out for the next food fest and don’t forget to bring your appetite.