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$mitty’s Cents

Students still are not showing up at the athletic events on campus. It seems like no matter how hard the Athletic Department tries, no matter how hard Student Government tries, our efforts are fruitless. You (students) simply don’t give a crap about what’s going on, and frankly, it’s starting to make me sick.

I polled students over the summer and posed the questions:

what would it take for you to go to the football games; and what do you want in exchange for you to walk through that turnstile? The most popular answers: free tuition; book vouchers; minority scholarships; free food; free t-shirts; bus ride to game; and free tickets.

Hey dipstick, wake up. At the games, there were tuition reimbursement drawings. (I took them away because of the lack of attendance). Book vouchers were given at the beginning of the year through SG’s website-pay attention to Owl Radio, Owl TV, the UP, and the flyers in the breezeway and maybe you would have known. Minority scholarships? Why just minority? Why can’t it be for everyone? Free food and free t-shirts are given out at the game. Bus rides are provided and you get in for free to the games with your Owl Card.

So put your money where your mouth is. I (along with SG) held up our end of the bargain, now hold up yours. The biggest excuses this year for not attending football games:

I have to work.

The game schedule is made almost 3 months in advance. Take off work. There are six other days in the week you can work.

I have to study.

That’s what Sunday’s are for. And let’s be serious, when it’s a beautiful day outside on a Saturday afternoon, you’re not studying.

No one I know is going.

No one you know is going? It’s not my fault you don’t try to get out and meet new people. Not knowing anyone should be the biggest reason you should be going to the games.

It’s to far.

So it’s okay to drive to Miami, Las Olas, or Clematis, but not okay to drive 15 minutes down I-95 to see your school play. Here’s a deal for you-stop at the game on your way to Miami.

The team doesn’t win.

Wake up and smell the pissed off vibes seeping out of my pores. We are 4-2 at the time of writing this article; we made history this year by becoming the quickest team in college football history to record a 1-A win as a 1-AA team. Besides the fact that we almost beat UCF, we beat the #23 ranked team, the #25 ranked team, and the #3 ranked offensive team in the nation. By the way, right now, we are number #23 in the nation.

See you at the game.

That’s all for now. And remember: Although $mitty is spelled with a dollar sign, Student Government using you’re A&S fees to give you free stuff makes cents!

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