Java and jammin’

An open microphone, free coffee and pastries, and lots of friends to talk to and chill with lured MacArthur Campus students to Barnie’s last Thursday night for the semi-annual Coffee house put on by Black Student Union, Resident Student Association, and La Casa.

From 6:30 until 9:30 students went to Barnie’s Coffee Shoppe, located in Abacoa Town Center, to basically just relax. More than 100 students attended the event, which is traditionally sponsored by BSU.

“The coffeehouse gives us the opportunity to inform people of what BSU does, and is just a big get together to orient new students, especially to what BSU does,” said BSU President, Chauncey Graham.

Sophomore Tito Sempertegui sang Marc Anthony’s “Vivir lo nuestro,” which means “to live ours.” He also danced the salsa with members of La Casa.

“It was so cool, everyone was having fun, the energy was amazing, and I had a great time singing and being with everyone,” said Sempertegui.

La Casa was proud to participate in an event that promoted cultural diversity and promoted the ideals of their association.

“The coffeehouse was our first event of the year, and we are very excited that it went so well and that we got to work with BSU and RSA,” said La Casa Vice President Maria Riccardi.

Though some people signed up to perform, most people just got up during the open mike. Junior Jeremy Owens served as an unofficial “MC.” Most people sang, some played instruments, read poetry, or danced.

Among the goals of RSA are to plan events that students enjoy so they can socialize and relax. The club was happy to co-sponsor the coffeehouse because it is traditionally enjoyed by all students.

“We hope that we can better serve the students by putting on programs that they enjoy,” said RSA Vice President, Nicholas Yanes.

The next coffeehouse will be held in the spring. For more information on BSU, RSA, or La Casa, please contact ICC Director Erin Moore through email at [email protected] or by calling 799-8572.