Give Brogan a break

This letter is in response to the Opinion article by Dan Restrepo concerning President Brogan’s bonus and his salary in general (UP 7, Oct. 9). I’m a little confused about what President Brogan could do which Dan would actually approve of. What do you expect this soon? How long ago did Brogan actually start his job? He hasn’t even been inaugurated yet! Give me a break – instead of all this criticism, how about some advice for our President? How about telling us how you would do it better, Dan? Frankly, I don’t respect your criticism of somebody unless you tell me how you would do better.

I agree with you that Brogan did the right thing by refusing a bonus. But I don’t think his salary is extravagant. If he does a good job he deserves every penny of it. He hasn’t had much of a chance to succeed or fail yet. Dan, I think in your mind Brogan never had a chance – it appears that with your partisan liberal views you have been prejudiced against Brogan from the start. I don’t think Brogan should care about what people like you think, because the only way he can make you happy is by leaving and taking his Republican political views with him.

If you are going to be intellectually honest, Dan, give Brogan a couple years and then start criticizing. I think his transition team had some good ideas in their report. It remains to be seen if Brogan will follow through on their recommendations.

You know what, Dan? I was impressed when I saw the President of our University helping students move into the dorms. I saw him come out and mingle with the students at the Carnivowl event the first week of school. I saw him eating in the cafeteria that everybody complains about (which I happen to think has some pretty good food). That kind of interest in the students is a far cry from the aloofness of our previous President. I think Brogan really cares about the students.

Dan, you are cheapening your views and abusing the power of your pen by letting your partisan feelings show. I don’t have a problem with you writing things with which I disagree, but you better back them up with facts instead of just rhetoric.


John Sheats