Disorder everywhere at FAU

The computer labs and the library at FAU are being infested with loud, immature adults. Like all of FAU, they have many rules. But are these rules being enforced? Are students aware of these rules? Do you think that students even read the rules posted on the walls of the labs or the library?

The second floor computer lab in the University Center is a place where students usually hangout after their last class on Friday. They come in groups to play games amongst themselves. And even though they wear headphones, these students are really loud and curse at each other or the computer for each mistake they make in the game. They act more like a group of children hanging out in a living room at home without the supervision of an adult, than university students. They also bring food and drinks into the lab – from chips to sandwiches, and from sodas to juice.

These groups have become larger, some of these students bring their younger siblings and take up more computers. There used to be students working on their paper in the computer lab, but now with less computers available to them, they have to find somewhere else to do their homework.

Stuff like this also happens in the library. We learned at an early age that libraries are places where everyone is supposed to be quiet, right? For some FAU students, the library has a different meaning. They think it means they can call each other’s cell phones to find out where they are, or shout at an oncoming friend they see at the other end of the library.

If you really want to know some great places to hangout with friends, be loud, and do whatever is in your mind come to the computer labs or the library at FAU. You won’t regret it because you don’t need any money to hang out there and nobody will do anything about it.

Doesn’t that make you ask where the administrators of the lab are? Or the librarians? None of the computer administrators were present the last time I checked, and the librarians are helping other students. It is also hard for them to follow a group of adults around asking them to lower there voices, or to go outside with their cell phones, or to not eat and drink in the library or labs. Conversely, as university students, there shouldn’t have to be administrators or librarians present in order for them to follow rules that have been written for generations.

As university students, those individuals are supposed to carry themselves as adults. If that’s something that can not be done, there should be well trained individuals to enforce the regulations just like in high school or, perhaps, middle school. It may seem unfair, but the way those students carry themselves makes you feel ashamed to even say you are a university student.

In the library or in the computer labs, it is our responsibility to respect others. People use these places to study and do their work, it is only fair to allow them to do so in peace and quiet. That’s what the library is for, a quite study area available to all students. So, at the very least, shouldn’t all students be allowed that?