Pick of the week

The pick of the week is a friendly game between members of the staff. The trash talking is about to heat up as two picks will be decided in a five-day span. At this time no one has any points but that will all change very soon.

The Lady Owls are off to their best start ever and this will be their second conference game of the year. These ladies know that they need to win the conference to have the best chance in the tournament, which will be held on campus. Gardner-Webb does not stand a chance. FAU 6 – G-W 0

Corey Zimmer

Gardner-Webb – who the h*** is Gardner-Webb? If the Lady Owls are playing against just one person I must pick them to win…perhaps 17 – 2. If G-W is an actual school then they might lose 2 – 0. Unfortunately, I can’t offer much more logic than that.

Dave Ellis

Women’s soccer is too quick for the “Webb.” They wií«ll be kicking it into the web (net) 3-1. We win!

Rick $mitty Smith