Freshman orientation eases the transition to college

I am really glad that FAU has two-day sessions for orientation. These sessions have real students and it’s very organizing to insure everyone knows where everything is. I know for a fact that if there weren’t the showcase of services, I would never be smart enough to go to all the different offices to make sure everything was in order for my freshman year. One of best parts about the two days was checking out all that the school had to offer with real students.

My orientation leader was Ola. She was so informative and never made you feel like just some newbie freshman, but more like a person in a different place getting ready for some changes, and she was the one to guide you. I felt more comfortable with someone close to my age, rather than some administrative assistant who told you the kind of information that they would share with a donor. Ola helped me open up more with our group, get an idea of where everything was, and of course, let me know that it may seem hard, but anyone can handle college classes if they really put their mind into it.

I was so lost when I came into the school – hell, I didn’t even think I would get in. But now that I am here, I know for a fact that in my first week I will be lost, unaware of my surroundings, and hoping that I don’t trip over my own feet and land in front of the entire student body (happened in high school, wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again).

FAU really means “it’s all about you,” because why else would they put all that work into making sure everyone has a clue as to where to go, and what to do. I know if I didn’t come to orientation, I would be lost physically and definitely mentally.

I think the only downside to the whole orientation was that you couldn’t see students in action during classes, considering that by the time I came to orientation the summer term ended. That would really show me what college is like. But hey, I have a semester ahead of me, a free mind from this overheated summer, and a chance to see what I can make out of myself at FAU. For all I know I might even get a chance to inspire a newbie to get out of their confused post-high-school shell and move into the tough but sturdy college world.