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“As You Like It”

College students regularly engage in sexual activity. Sexuality is as much a part of our lifestyle as classes and exams. Even those who aren’t sexually active are interested in their sexuality. For those students who live in the dorms, the temptation is especially there. The lure of sexual experimentation is incredibly tempting when the object of your lust lives just down the hall.

We invite our readers to write in and tell us what you want to hear. We will try to address the most pertinent questions. From fetishes to first times, and S.T.D.’s to S&M, we aim to please, and want to deliver the most accurate advice and information possible. The content and success of this column depends on the feedback that we receive. So please, email us at: [email protected]

The purpose of this column is to inform, and create a forum for discussion of one of FAU’s most popular extracurricular activities. So, here we go: let’s talk about sex.

Q: All last year my roommate, and best friend, kept kicking me out of the dorm room that we share. The reason? She wanted to spend the night with her boyfriend. The worst part? I am sharing a room with her again this year. I’ve spent the night in the library, my car, the 24 hour computer lab, and even some friend’s rooms. I don’t want to lose my best friend, and our living arrangements are great, except when I come home to a tube sock on the outside of the door, or even worse, walk in on a session. What can I do to prevent this from happening again this year? How do I tell her how I feel without insulting her? I don’t mind if she tells me in advance, but these spur-of-the moment nights in the car are not going to work anymore. Help!*


Third Wheel


Where to begin? Well, there actually is a term for what is happening to you. You, my dear, have been getting sexiled. “Getting sexiled” is the official vernacular for getting booted from your boudoir while your roomie gets some booty.

Fear not, though, because getting this situation resolved doesn’t require you to do something drastic like walk in on one of their love-sessions, and tell them to take it outside. However, you will have to talk to your best friend, because if you don’t, you are going to continue to resent her relationship, and start to resent her. Perhaps she could tell you in advance when she is planning a special night? Then you could make arrangements to stay somewhere else. Maybe she could go to his room once in a while.

If the situation escalates to the point where you come home the night before your big Organic Chem exam to find a sock on the door, consider discussing the situation with your RA. He or she could mediate an agreement between you and your roomie.

It isn’t against school rules to have sex. But if your roommate is going to have a guest, he or she should clear it with you first. You should never feel that you don’t have the right to be in your own room. The sooner you talk about the situation with your roommate, the better you’ll feel.


Wow…lucky you. Free Porn. Are you complaining or bragging? Did she say that you could stay and watch? Ok…really. This is a situation that can be resolved with some roommate communication. Talk with her about it. You have a lot of options here.

Trade nights: She can have her special guest on Friday nights, and she can get lost on Saturday nights while you have the room to your disposal.

Agree on some ground rules: Clearly the spur-of-the-moment sock on the door is inconvenient for you. Tell her. If she wants to get laid, tell her about some of the spots you’ve been hanging out: the car, some of the upper floors of the library are always deserted, and I’m sure his roommates wouldn’t mind the sweet sounds of their hook up in his room. Let her know that you feel unwelcome in your own room.

Bottom Line: This is not something to end a friendship over. The residence halls are full of hook ups. Maybe you can find one. As long as the parties are two consenting adults, and adequate contraception is used, it’s all good. Everyone has a right to privacy and to feel comfortable in their surroundings, so let your roommate know what’s up.

Rosalind is a sophomore majoring in psychology. She’s been in relationships, and writes from experience and research.

Touchstone is a senior that enjoys watching those in relationships. He has experienced enough of life and literature to be more than qualified to give humorous advice on the subject of human sexuality.

To submit a question or a topic to “As You Like It” please email Rosalind and Touchstone at [email protected]. The University Press reserves the right to change the contents of any letter submitted to protect the privacy of anyone mentioned in such a letter. By writing to us, you give us permission to publish your letter, and edit its content. We welcome letters from anyone, and the identity of anyone who writes to us will not be published. The University Press will not publish anything it deems obscene or inappropriate. This advice column is written by students who research any clinical information printed.

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