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TOP 5 FLICKS: True Stories

Titanic — It’s the epic saga of two young lovers aboard the ill-fated “unsinkable” ship. Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) tempt fate and explore love in this dynamic tale of passion and disaster.

UP Says — After making more than a billion dollars at worldwide box offices, the Titanic name once again sailed into history. James Cameron’s masterpiece is a great all-around film that sucks you right into the digitally created world of April 1912. You’ll never let go of the tragedy that took so many lives.

Classic Quote — “I’m the king of the world!”

Alive — An airplane transporting a Uruguayan rugby team crashes in the Andes mountains. The situation becomes grim when they realize that they are hopelessly lost and have nothing to eat except the dead bodies of their friends.

UP Says — A horrifying, gripping tale of human survival. Watching this film with a couple of close friends is sure to spawn hours of “What if…?” discussions.

Classic Quote — “Hey, I’ll pay for pizza if you go get it.”

Tombstone — A historical Hollywood account of the events that led up to Tombstone, Arizona’s famed “Shootout at the O.K. Corral.” The focus is on the feud between The Cowboys, a band of outlaws led by the Clanton brothers, and former lawman Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell), his two brothers, and their friend Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer).

UP Says — A western even John Wayne could be proud of. Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday is reason enough to see it. His attitude and sickness set the tone throughout the film. Set in a time when America was a young and growing country, Tombstone is a story of violence and conflict – isn’t it nice to know that some things never change?

Classic Quote — “You gonna do somethin’? Or are you just gonna stand there and bleed?”

Catch Me If You Can — An FBI agent (Tom Hanks) is hot on the trail of a young con artist (Leonardo DiCaprio) who has successfully impersonated a Pan Am pilot, a doctor, an assistant attorney general, and a high school French teacher, cashing millions of dollars in fraudulent checks along the way.

UP Says — The much-hyped cast of superstars (Spielberg, Hanks, DiCaprio and Walken) came together to create a fantastic character study based on the life of cagey con artist Frank Abagnale Jr. It’s an enjoyable cat and mouse game from start to finish.

Classic Quote — “Two mice fell into a bowl of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse fought and struggled until he churned that cream into butter and he crawled his way out. I am that second mouse.”

The Right Stuff — Covers the history of the U.S. Space program from Chuck Yeager’s breaking of the sound barrier to the drama of the Mercury 7 astronauts. The film also showed the intensity of the “Space Race” against Russia and the sometimes comical results of running a space program with no experience.

UP Says — Marvel at the height of the Cold War, a time when technology meant superiority. The film is really about the struggles of our country during the rise to international supremacy set against the backdrop of outer space. There is also plenty of machismo and tongue-in-cheek humor as America’s first astronauts risk life and limb for their country.

Classic Quote — Shepard: “Dear Lord, please don’t let me fuck up.” Cooper: “I didn’t quite copy that. Say again, please.” Shepard: “I said everything’s A-OK.”

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