UP Sports Picks

SoftballApril 26-FAU @ UCF

Clark’s pick: FAU 4 UCF 2This should be a close game. Both teams definitely want to win not only this game, but the entire double-header. As we go to print, UCF is in first place, and that could be at stake when these two teams meet.

Rick’s pick:UCF is first place UNTIL FAU gets to them. FAU wins the series and wins each game by at least 3 runs.

Corey’s pick: FAU 6 UCF 2 The Lady Owls have struggled with the bats, but their pitching has been outstanding. They are primed to win their seventh A-Sun championship in a row. Even though UCF is currently in first, its reign will be short lived.

StandingsRick &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp10 points Clark &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp7 points Corey &nbsp 6 pointsJoel &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp6 points

Point system for the picks: Each writer scores a point if he or she correctly picks the winner of the game. The writers are also ranked according to the lines they pick for the game. For example, if FAU wins a particular game by 12 points, then the writer who picked the line closest to 12 without going over would be in first place. The writer whose line was second closest would be in second place, and so on. Writers get three points for first place, two points for second and third place, and one point for fourth or fifth place. The tiebreaker for writers who pick the same line is the total amount of points they picked for the game.