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Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


Owls might fly the coop, Sports Info misses the scoop

FAU’s football team is making an arrangement to play at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale next season, or at least that is what other news sources are saying.

the Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post both reported that FAU has gotten out of its contract with Pro Player Stadium for the 2003 season.

FAU will have to pay $75,000 to Pro Player and will also have to promise to play the next five games against FIU at the NFL stadium.

The newspapers also reported that FAU is in negotiations with Lockhart stadium and has sixty days to finalize a deal or can return to play at Pro Player next season.

This is great news for the football team and FAU.

Not only will they be playing in a stadium that is closer to the main campus, but they will also be saving a lot of money according to these two reports.

The bad side of this news is that when contacting Sports Information the day before these stories were printed, this UP columnist was told the information was misunderstood.

Sports Information said that FAU was preparing to play at Lockhart as if everything was already finalized but that no agreements between the two had been reached yet.

It is not that the UP would have had its hands on a story of this magnitude early, because we’re a weekly college paper, making our deadlines tough to meet breaking news.

The issue is that being a school paper, one would think that school officials would be happy to give information to help students with their careers.

People who work in Sports Information have to do what is necessary for them to keep their jobs, and it should be noted that all sources for the Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post articles did not include anyone from Sports Information.

It is just this columnist’s belief that information could have been shared and that when you are beginning a life of journalism, you need to have people you can trust. If Sports Information knew more than what was released to the UP they should be ashamed for not sharing it.

I have worked with the SID’s before, but I am becoming a little leery of the support that is offered to students.

I will continue to seek stories from our Sports Information and think this may be just a misunderstanding, but if it was intentional, I hope this column has opened some eyes to the importance of FAU working together internally with its students.

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