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SoftballFeb. 21-UCLA @ FAU

Clark’s pick: UCLA 5, FAU 3.FAU has high hopes this year, but I don’t see them beating UCLA, even on the Owls’ home turf. However, FAU is bound to beat a few of the top-ranked teams that they have on their schedule. I just don’t think UCLA will be one of those upsets.

Ched’s pick: UCLA 5, Florida Atlantic 2Anytime a Bruin fights an Owl, I’d imagine the bear would win. But this game is here in Boca, which helps the Owls a bit. However, this game will be a friendly reminder of how they will need to play to get to the College World Series.

Corey’s pick: FAU 6, UCLA 3With the Lady Owls softball schedule being so tough this year, they are bound to get a couple of upsets. Why not start with UCLA? I think the Owls will win this one en route to their victory of the FAU Invitational.

Rick’s pick: UCLA 2, FAU 1Wow. The Bruins. Our softball team arguably has the most “recognized” schedule of teams: UCLA, Rutgers, Wisconsin, Alabama, Ohio State, Auburn and Arizona. The really cool thing is that Rutgers, UCLA, and Wisconsin are coming to our home field to play FAU. This explains their number 26 ranking in the nation.

Both teams are picked to win their conference this year, and with the Bruins finishing high in last years College World Series, I have to pick UCLA in a top of the ninth disappointment, 2-1. Don’t worry Lady Owls, win your conference (picked to win conference in pre-season poll) and you will be well on your way to the NCAA’s.

Standings:Clark &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp9 pointsKoretzky 8 points Rick &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 6 points Corey &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 3 points Ched &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp2 points

Last pick results:Rick: Georgia State 80-75Clark: Georgia State 77-67 Corey: Georgia State 92-78Koretzky: Georgia State 90-70

Actual game result: Georgia State 66-64

Point system for the picks:Each writer gets one point if they correctly pick the winner of the game. The writers are also ranked according to the line they picked for the game. For example, Georgia State won the last game by two. Rick’s line of five points was the closest, so he was in first place. Clark’s line of 10 points was the second closest, and so on. Writers get three points for first place, two points for second and third place, and one point for fourth and fifth place. The tiebreaker for writers who pick the same line is the total amount of points they picked for the game.

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