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Getting In Shape For Spring Break

“Big Is Beautiful.” If that’s your motto stop reading now. It’s okay, no one is judging you, but if you want to lose all that beer, fast food, and candy weight, here we go! You graduated from high school about a year ago. You were in the best shape of your life, and then it happened: you’re late for classes, studying for tests, writing papers, doing laundry, dealing with break-ups, partying all night, who has time to cook? The answer to your prayers, FAST FOOD!! YIPPEE!! That is until you no longer fit into your clothes and Spring Break is four months away. I feel your pain.

I was 5’10” and 195lbs. when I graduated from high school, and a year later I became 230lbs. It’s not a good feeling when a size 40 waist is getting tight. I’m now back to a size 34 waist, and, I’m going to tell you how to get back into shape (with help from a personal trainer). There will be some sacrifice but when you’re laying on the beach and getting hit on by everyone, you’ll thank me. I know it sounds good now, but remember there is sacrifice.

There is a simple equation for losing weight, eat fewer calories than you burn. How do you do that? The best way is to prepare foods low in fat, but I know you’re usually in a rush. When you are forced to eat fast food choose wisely. Is there a non-fried chicken sandwich instead of a hamburger? How about a non-loaded baked potato instead of French fries? Oh, one more thing, try to limit, or just not eat from the vending machines. I know they are everywhere, just calling you, “eat me, you know you want too,” but don’t.

Now that you have the picture remember, quantity plays a role in weight loss. Don’t expect to lose weight if you’re eating five chicken sandwiches at a time.

You’ve got the food thing down, now comes the dreaded workout. Put your activities fees, and the additional money the school squeezes out of you to good use. FREE athletic facilities are available on FAU campuses for current students.

Now that you’re going to the gym for FREE , here is a beginner workout prepared by Margaret Gallo, ex-Bally Total Fitness Trainer, University of Pittsburgh National Boxing Certification and certified by Powder Blue Productions for Turbo kickboxing. She recommends:

  • Exercising at least four times a week as a minimum.
  • Cardio (i.e. running, walking, Stairmaster, bicycle…etc.) starting with 20 min. and gradually increasing to 40 min.
  • Always do a warm up, cool down and stretch to get your metabolism going which helps you burn calories, and prevent injuries.

For maximum weight loss incorporate a circuit training routine in addition to the cardio. An effective plan includes a moderate pace with less weight and more reps (the number of times you lifted the weight during a specific exercise).

Now you’re going to be ready for the Spring Break beach and partying. So, what are you waiting for? Shed those pounds, go, go, go!

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