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Click your way to vengeance

Want to get revenge on that person who dumped you? What about that teacher who failed you in class? Don’t forget the boss who fired you or doesn’t pay you enough. With www.pinstruck.com and the wretched person’s email address, vengeance can become possible. Pinstruck is a website where people can send voodoo curses to others anonymously through email. Don’t worry; there is absolutely no way to track down the sender of the email. Isn’t that great? Sorry if anyone thought there was something more physically involved than just typing on your keyboard.

The people at Steem, LLC, a web development company that specializes in custom web applications and cutting edge design, are responsible for creating this voodoo-oriented web page. Their explanation for starting the creepy little site is, “Sometimes when web designers drink bad coffee and daydream, they dream up things like pinstruck.”

There are four easy steps to send a hex or voodoo curse to someone.

1. First, go to the website www.pinstruck.com and look for the finger – yes finger – that’s marked “send a voodoo curse.”

2. Second, read the warning page, which says that curses are not suitable for anyone under 18 and that Steem, LLC and the website are not responsible for any damages or liabilities that could occur from sending a curse. Only the sender is responsible, so send at your own risk.

3. When you have agreed to everything on the warning page, click “accept.” Next, there will be a form to fill out about the unfortunate victim you plan to send the curse to. The person’s name and email address need to be provided, but you can describe their physical appearance also. For instance, if they wear glasses, or have a mustache, and even their skin tone. A list of different messages to the victim can be sent as well.

4. When you have absolutely no second or third thoughts about sending the curse and no “what-ifs?” are left floating around in your head, click “send my curse.” Even if you do feel unsure, just send it anyway! According to the site, “They probably deserve it.”

Curious to find out if it works? You have the option to send one to yourself or to someone who can take a joke. Steem LLC does not believe in voodoo, and furthermore, the site is purely for entertainment purposes.

For more information check out the website at www.pinstruck.com or send an email to [email protected].

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