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Here’s an idea for a story. How about finding out the real deal with the Boca takeover of the Davie campus. They say they are committed to Davie, but I doubt that. From what I understand, they still don’t have an adaquate plan for handling teaching assignments, esp for adjuncts. Rumor has it, that Boca wants to really move the entire LA dept from Davie to Boca and move all the education classes from Boca to Davie. Huge mistake in my opinion. Should literally thousands of students who work during the day be forced to take night classes at Boca and then drive back to Davie at 11:00PM. Boca needs to start thinking about all their students if they want to become “major” university like they claim. In addition, why is that FAU has the highest undergrad tuition in the STATE, including nationally recognized schools like UF, but we get NOTHING in return except cancelled classes and lousy schedules (very little offered)? If they want to be that “major university” then for starters, they need to do a little research and compare their graduation requirements, with that of other universities with comparable programs. Is there a reason why FAU has probably the LOWEST standards in higher education?