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Freak Week returns

Freaker’s Ball promises to entertain, with a scheduled performance by rap artist Cam’ron. This year also marks the exciting return of Freak Week, a week of events and giveaways that lead up to the big event.

Starting October 25 FAU’s Student Government Program Board will be presenting Freak Week, capping it off with Cam’ron and the Paid In Full Tour on Halloween night. “This year we wanted to make a whole week of events for students,” said Basma Ibrahrim the Non Traditional Chair and the Freaker’s Ball Chair.

“Freak Week is a long-standing tradition that for the last couple of years has gone by the wayside and we’re trying to bring it back,” said Program Board Concert Chair Erika Terrosa. Freak Week is a week of events leading up to Freaker’s Ball, which is generally a hip-hop concert.

Freak Week begins with CarnivOwl on October 25. But unlike previous CarnivOwls held in the University Center, it will take place in Miami. “We figured for Halloween we’re going to be different,” said Terrosa. “We’re getting two buses to take 100 students down to the bicentennial park in Miami to go to the Horror Nights Haunted Festival.”

The buses for the trip will be loading at 7p.m. and will leave FAU at 7:30p.m. They will return from Miami at midnight, so students can expect to return back around 1a.m.

Freak Week’s second event is Freak Peek, which is a screening of the movie Signs. The movie screening will be Monday, October 28 at the Live Oak Pavilion at 8p.m.

Tuesday, the 29 will be Freaky Food Fest. At this event they will be serving Chinese, Italian, and Spanish food in three different locations: the GCS, the Education Building, and Fleming Hall. “We’re going to make it kind of zany, kind of funny but not to crazy because some people are very wary of what they eat and if it doesn’t look right, if it looks too creepy, they’re not going to want to eat it,” said Cendy Cherizard, Program Board’s Advertising Chair. Program Board plans on using spider decorations and fake spider webs to articulate the freakiness.

The day before Halloween will be the Freaky Futures Psychic Fair. Program Board will bring in psychics to tell your fortune. The psychics they’re using come from a Tamarac company called The Bureau of Creativity Inc. You can see these same psychics at the Saw Grass Mall.

The culmination of Freak Week is Cam’ron’s concert Halloween night at 8p.m. in the Outdoor Stage. “Freaker’s Ball is this giant costume party that we’ve always had ever year,” said Charizard. “It’s pretty much always been hip hop, it’s always exciting, always fun, just something to do on Halloween night if you couldn’t get out to trick-or-treat.”

With the release of Come With Me and his upcoming movie, Paid In Full (opening November 25), Cam’ron’s appearance should be getting a lot of people excited about Freaker’s Ball. “We picked it because Cam’ron is big right now,” said Terrosa. “If you ask just about anybody on campus they know who Cam’ron is and they’re like ‘oh I want to see him so bad.'”

Freaker’s Ball has traditionally been hip-hop and Program Board works hard to bring in big name artists. For the past four years they’ve had Black Eyed Peas, The Roots, Mos Def and last year, Ludacris.

Cam’ron won’t be alone. The Paid In Full tour also includes N.O.R.E., M.O.P., and Naam Brigade. “I want to bring a big name to campus and make FAU,” said Terrosa. She wants people to think that “FAU has to be the it school because they brought Cam’ron.”

For more information call 561/297-3735.

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