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Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


A graduate who’s who


Larry Lemanski, the new Vice President of Research & Graduate Studies, is also a Professor of Biomedical Sciences. He has taken over graduate responsibilities from Dr. Nathan Dean, who was recently was appointed Dean of the College of Science. FAU currently lacks a graduate school, so Lemanski will be the top man in graduate affairs. Stephen Todish is the Director of Academic Support in the office of graduate studies. He deals with a variety of issues relating to current students and graduate study at FAU. Suzette Vandeburg is FAU’s new assistant director of graduate admissions and her role will focus more on incoming students. She joins Joanne Arlington (senior admissions officer), Phyllis Zitcer (international admissions officer), Barbera Bebergal (program assistant – residency) and Elaine Berkow (program assistant – admission application).

Student Leaders

Umar Ghuman, a student in the MBA program, is the director of the student-run Agency for Graduate Concerns, a.k.a. AGC. AGC, which is funded by Student Government, acts as a point of contact for 5000 graduate students, graduate leaders, and administration. AGC assists the various FAU graduate organizations with orientations, training programs and provides information to graduate students, as well as working closely with student government and graduate administration to improve things for graduate students attending the university. Jennifer Sherman is AGC’s grants coordinator: AGC also administers over $30,000 in grants, which allow graduate students to attend conferences and perform research. Andy Greber is AGC’s Information coordinator, helping to keep students informed about what’s going on at FAU. AGC’s current projects include: petitioning for re-instituting the President’s Task Force on Student Support, working with Graduate leaders and Administration to create an FAU Graduate School, general graduate concerns (e.g. health insurance, increasing funding for grants and graduate-related clubs and activities and increasing the number of graduate clubs/agencies at FAU). If you have any questions about graduate life at FAU, email [email protected], call them at 561/297-1170 or visit the agc website at www.fau.edu/agc.

Janna Taft is a doctoral student in the department of psychology, and a ten-year veteran of FAU. She is the President of the Graduate Student Association (GSA), which represents the interests of the more than 3500 graduate students on FAU’s Boca Raton Campus. GSA organizes a variety of events including orientations, Teaching Assistant training, grant writing workshops and social events. GSA encourages students from FAU’s many graduate programs to come and represent their departments at its monthly meetings. GSA’s email address is [email protected]. Their website is www.fau.edu/academic/gradstud/gsa.htm

Lorinda Wood, who is studying for her master’s degree in social work, is the chair of Boca Raton’s graduate grants committee. The GGC is made up of seven students elected annually who vote to award over $50,000 per year in grant funding to Boca Raton’s Graduate students. The money is used to help students attend conferences, present their work, and cover other research related expenses. Her email address is [email protected]. You can also visit the GGC’s website at: http://www.fau.edu/academic/gradstud/ggc.htm

Randy Goin is the director of the Broward Graduate Council. A full time staff member and graduate student in the college of business, Goin presides over the council, which is an agency of Broward student government. The council hosts a graduate orientation, and co-sponsors a number of events through the year with other clubs and organizations on the Broward campus. It also awards over $30,000 per year in graduate grants. Broward Graduate Council’s email address is [email protected]. Their website is www.gradcouncil.fau.edu/

Robert VanBeck is the director of the MacArthur Graduate Council, FAU’s newest graduate agency. MGC deals with issues ranging from the availability of classes, to the provision of grant funding for graduates on FAU’s northern campuses. His email is [email protected].

Graduate Clubs at FAU

A number of other clubs and organizations cater specifically to graduate students on the Boca Campus, including the Anthropology Graduate Student Union, the English Graduate Student Society, the Women’s Studies Graduate Student Association and the MBA association. If you would like to find out more, contact the Office of Student Activities at 561/297-3735 or visit their website at www.fau.edu/student/activities/studact1.htm.

On the Broward Campuses, clubs include The Association of Doctoral Students in Public Administration. ADSPA creates an interactive forum to address educational and career issues specific to students in this field.

Masters of Business Association – which serves to promote scholarship to foster high professional standards and to develop an abiding interest in the advancement of MBA’s within the business field.

Other clubs and information are available from the Broward Clubs’ website at www.fau.edu/student/broward/club.htm. Students can also call the Broward Inter-Club Council Director at 954/236-1252.

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