Hang onto your seats.  Jennifer L—pez’s Enough provides a wild ride reminiscent of Sleeping with the Enemy, the Julia Roberts flick.  Both films have a wealthy abusive husband, a cross-country excursion, and a change of identity.


When L—pez, in the role of Slim, learns her dream marriage has turned into a nightmare, she grabs her 5-year old daughter and hits the road.  Her paranoid and predatory husband Mitch, played by Billy Campbell (Once and Again), pursues them with a vengeance until L—pez musters the courage to fight back, using martial arts as her weapon of choice. 


Fast paced and full of surprises, the twists and turns leave you breathless until the end.  L—pez fans will applaud her character’s relentless determination and ultimate domination.


Rated: PG-13.