SunFest Gets Rocked Steady

When the sun went down on May 2, at the cross streets of S. Olive and Clematis there was No Doubt that SunFest got Rocked Steady. But how steady was SunFest prepared to Rock?


For months prior to the Thursday, May 2 show SunFest had No Doubt booked as the headliner for that evening.  The band was touring the East Coast in an effort to promote their new album:  Rock Steady, which was on the Billboard top ten.


SunFest was not prepared for the overwhelming crowd that No Doubt drew in.  Organizers of the event had ample time to be prepared, but for some reason they simply were not.  Seating for the show was not well distributed throughout the property.  More importantly there was a reserved seating area but, no one was aware of this section because there was no obtainable information.  Raven Price, an FAU communication student, stated “If I would have been informed of reserved seating, I would have simply purchased a reserved seating ticket as I did a general admission ticket”.


It appears as if Sunfest organizers simply didn’t anticipate the overwhelming crowd that No Doubt drew in of approximately 35,000.  Thus making general admission a catastrophic disaster of underage drinking, arguments, and even fist fights.  People were uncomfortable because there was simply to many people for the provided area.


There truly was No Doubt that the band rocked Sunfest steady on Thursday night.  The problem was with the event itself, not the performance.  Hopefully if SunFest is lucky enough to get such a great headliner like No Doubt for next year they will be better prepared.