Energy Bill

The U.S. Senate is considering an energy bill in the coming weeks by democrats Daschle and Bingaman. This bill would give tax credits to citizens who use renewable energy sources such as solar panels. It would also allow a citizen to sell excess electricity to decrease their utility bill. However, the bill gives huge subsidies to oil, gas, and coal companies to make more refineries, more pipelines, and more drilling off our coasts. I’m starting to wonder if these are Democrats or Republicans. In 1999, the Department of Energy’s research laboratory on renewable energy published an article in Science magazine stating that 100 square miles of solar panels could generate enough electric energy to supply the U.S. need during peak summer hours. Another DOE study found that wind-power in South and North Dakota could generate 2/3 of the U.S. energy supply; so why are Daschle and Bingaman giving money to drill for oil off of our coasts and to build a 15-20 billion dollar pipeline that would span about 3600 miles? Europe has already replaced the majority of its energy supply with renewables, so why are we so far behind? Because big business rules our politicians and we the people aren’t doing anything about it. Rather than spending 15-20 billion dollars to build a pipeline for gas companies, why not rebuild schools so our children aren’t taught in portables? Ralph Nader said it best, “If you don’t turn on to politics, politics will turn on you.”