The United Party

Dear Citizens:

Because I was upset with the crumbling of our nation, the mitigated aura of our political arena and the sight of unskilled politicians blowing sunshine up our realities, delivering to us Americans nothing; I decided to take the privilege/right as a believer and a citizen to rectify the things that disgust me. And show that I possess the spirit that decree a vision, we are the Americans that shall restore the aura of America where condor and the eagle flew regardless of the dedication and sacrifice involved.

Now, we must open the eyes of America and abolish the continuity of the blanket of despair that has blinded us. The United Party is an ideal vision to anoint this quest. The United Party was created during the 1992, 1996, and 2000 Presidential campaigns. In these campaigns the focus to take sides with the Independents, the republicans nor the democrats, however, to bring them to the same platform of negotiation and accrue a united vote. Then the statement “We the People,” would possess a distinct and dignified meaning.

“We the People,” are not the Nation of 200 years ago, so why continue to be divided? Are we not the America of many creeds, colors, and diverse directions? Are we not the America of many colors of skin, textures of hair and colors of eyes? Are we not the America that believes we are the melting pot of the world? “That is the United Party.”

Furthermore, our leaders should not only be chosen upon the content of their character, but by the content and quality of their competency. Therefore our decisions shall be superior. I look forward to the communications.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to express our political platform.

Curtis ZarCandidate as Florida’s GovernorFAU junior, graphic design major