Shine Box

Members: Perry Chen – Vocals Tanner Demmery – Drums Vain Eudes – Guitar Jim Ponto – Bass

Bio: Shine Box was formed in Ft. Lauderdale in October 2000. Tanner Demmery and Vain Eudes have been friends since age 14, when they began casually jamming. Nothing much came of it, however, as Demmery ended up playing with another band for five years. Then Eudes unexpectedly called Demmery in 2000 and asked if he wanted to start up a band. Demmery accepted and Shine Box was formed that same week with Eudes and his friends, Perry Chen and Jim Ponto. The band has been touring South Florida consistently since then.

Sound: Classifying themselves as a basic alternative band through and through, Shine Box is heavily influenced by mid ’90s alternative music such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, and in a throwback Van Halen guitar sty lings. After writing a significant amount of material recently, the band hopes to enter the studio to record a demo CD, and then tour South Florida again. Downloads of Shine Box songs and much more information can be obtained at the band’s official website at

Unusual Questions with Tanner

Peanut Butter-Smooth, Chunky, or Goober Grape? “Smooth all the way.” Would you rather have a lifetime supply of chicks or money? “Money, because you could always buy chicks if you have money.” Would you rather spend 24 hours shackled to Roseanne or Carrot Top? “Roseanne, don’t know why though.”

Would you rather have a peg leg or a hook hand and eye patch? “Hook and eye patch, it seems more “in” right now.”

Would you give your left nut for a record contract? “Yeah, because my left one’s been kind of off lately anyways.”