Open letter to Student Government: My side of the tale

House Rep. Alexander Suarez discusses alleged backdoor deals in SG relating to the impeachment attempt against Boca campus Gov. Luke Turner.


During a House of Representatives meeting Nov. 16, members did not reach a required majority vote to impeach Gov. Luke Turner. House Rep. Alexander Suarez is a former sponsor of the Articles of Impeachment against Turner. Photo by Hope Dean

Alexander Suarez, Contributing Writer

Editor’s note: Alexander Suarez is a member of the House of Representatives. This letter has been edited for clarity and does not reflect the opinion of the University Press.

Everything I write here is past tense so I believe it is not a violation of sunshine law. I won’t get into specifics, but certain laws apply to me as I am still an elected official, even though I am not in real government like a Congressperson or something. I will get into what really went down according to my view, at the Legislative Meeting, also known as the “special meeting.”

Somehow word got to FAU that there was an impeachment at my college, and it ended up with that grotesque quote I believe Rep. Javier Bravo doctored that he admitted to giving in the minutes. He was indeed in a Group Chat with me, but I did not say those words. I reached out to him for comment but he did not respond as of publication time.

I am now going to show the fake quote I maintain Rep. Bravo concocted along with his accomplices:

“I’ve helped impeach an entire board before [and] I can do it again and did it with less people. I say we impeach Noah [Goldberg] and the governor.”

There were references to this quote in the meeting, where I denied saying it, and will prove in this article I could not have said it.

Before I get into what the people who were actually part of that impeachment in Miami have to say, here are the minutes for the Legislative Meeting of Nov. 15, along with the statement I could not read for time constraints at the Student Government impeachment meeting of Nov. 16.

Mind you the minutes provided for the meeting were sent out to all SG members, it’s not just in my blog.

We asked if anyone disputed the minutes to respond days ago, and no one did. Their authenticity is beyond question.

Here are the quotes of Student Government members in Miami:

“I Travon Pierre, who served as the Senate Pro-Tempore of the MDC Wolfson SGA 2016-2017 can attest to the absence of then Senator Alexander Suarez during the impeachment filings. Nor, am I aware Suarez had any intention of impeaching the entire Executive Board during those hearings and investigations before the final vote. Just look at the minutes. Suarez submitted an excused absence stating he was working during the filing of impeachment, at the time.”

“I am Shaloma Gutierrez, former president of Student Government Association Wolfson campus Miami Dade College years 2016-2017, and I was along with Travon Pierre, part of the impeachment bill against the executive board while I was a Senator former president on De(c)ember 1st 2017. I can attest that Director of Engagement, Head of Communications Committee, Senator Alex Suarez was absent from the impeachment, and expressly was against the impeachment of the entire e-board. Suarez’s intent was to have somebody in office who had a good understanding of the political process within our student body’s executive branch, however he was not in favor with how we did the impeachment. He did not resign along with us but stayed in the fight. The impeachment fell through even though it was passed, against our campus’ constitution. I was going to do a letter of recommendation for  Suarez for when he applied to a cabinet position at FAU SG, but he told me they did not want it. It’s unfortunate his name was thrown in the mud, and that he was not hired.”

Gutierrez continues, “He is a good leader even when he has differences with you. I was made aware of the arrest of Suarez in Tampa while he was on vacation, and we celebrated when it was dismissed and he returned to Miami, since we knew he was innocent. I was happy to find out that another Gutierrez was part of a bill along side Suarez at FAU. I hope the people that do not know him read my words and realize he is a good person who cares for the students deeply and selflessly, and has proven this many times with action, such as win he quit his job to better serve the students. What more can you ask for in a leader?”

Gutierrez’s quote brought me to tears, and it’s hard for me to cry.

According to FAU’s constitution we cannot appeal the impeachment decision. Nor can Jon Carter (not a current SG member) impeach Rep. Michaelangelo Hamilton or me through the Student Court, it would have to go through the floor with a supermajority like when we went after the Campus Governor.

Also, it was not that former Student Court Associate Justice Sayd Hussain was saying people felt “uncomfortable,” since I did talk to him and others to set the record straight (no pun intended) after it came out that I had a “criminal” record, before the Legislative Meeting. I reached out to Hussain for comment but he did not respond as of publication time.

(Although I was not told I was removed as a sponsor until during the Legislative Meeting, see minutes). In the story linked above, I told the University Press that the judge put the case under “withheld adjudication,” which is when a person is not formally convicted.

I want to mention that the Chief Student Court Justice of SG Isaiah Moriarity revealing the criminal charges in the meeting were done so in a despicable way. He said I was convicted of credit card fraud, when I was not convicted of anything, and that was not the charge. Otherwise I would be a felon and not get to vote like I did recently, or be on financial aid. It’s an insult to us all what he said. I reached out to Moriarity for comment but did not hear back as of publication time.

Hussain told me he was pressured in a secret deal I am now going to expose. First off Hussain was the one who approached Hamilton and me (if I was approached, how could I be this mastermind I think Bravo believes I am?). Hamilton can attest to this but I am not quoting him in the article since I believe there is heat on him from SG. Pierre and Gutierrez are college graduates, and they are not facing heat; I gladly gave their quotes.

For those who don’t know Noah Goldberg is the Speaker of the House for Student Government at FAU Boca.

First off there was a meeting between Goldberg and Hussain according to what Hussain told me, possibly others, where Hussain was offered a deal to better the possibility of impeaching Governor Luke Turner. Mind you I am against any more attempts to impeach Turner, even if it was constitutionally possible; he is kept in check. Unless there is new evidence, but I doubt there will be any.

I think Goldberg was under Bravo’s influence and it is my belief that Goldberg thought I was going to go after him. I believe Goldberg thought I would be an easier target by not being a sponsor and that he would get abstentions for him to make the impeachment easier.

Let me state, I have no intention to impeach Goldberg, even after rumors circulated my vehicle on campus was damaged by someone I thought he sent, but it’s unsubstantiated. FAU police found no proof, and later another member, whose privacy I respect, also had their property damaged. I reached out to Goldberg for comment but did not receive a response as of publication time.

We tried to pass a resolution to demand the violence ends, showing that vigilantism is not the answer. It may be going through the courts, but it did not get passed in the meeting of the 30th of November.

Hussain told me he conceded to the deal. I think he regrets that now. There were three abstentions from the impeachment not mentioned, some could say it was because of a conflict of interest, but people still vote with such conflicts.

May the truth set you free…

Alexander Suarez is a member of the House of Representatives and a past contributing writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].